De Kindertelefoon - A dazzling recruitment campaign for more volunteers

In order to continue to lend a listening ear to children via chat and telephone, we developed a campaign to recruit volunteers for De Kindertelefoon (translated: ‘the children’s phone’).
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Get more people interested in volunteering


A creative social campaign

De Kindertelefoon has been making an important contribution to society for over 40 years. 365 days a year, they offer a listening ear via chat and telephone. This way, children have a place to, free of charge, confidentially talk about topics and that they do not dare, cannot or do not want to discuss within their own environment.

The number of calls in 2021 was between 1,000 and 1,500 calls per day. Volunteers are needed to continue to have these conversations and to continue to offer a listening ear to these children between the ages of 8 and 18. De Kindertelefoon wanted to use a promotional campaign for this.


A step-by-step approach

iO created a striking social campaign for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, consisting of different phases in which we gradually worked towards a registration as a volunteer.

The first step was to make the target group aware of the possibility of becoming a volunteer at De Kindertelefoon. But you don't “just” become a volunteer. Therefore, in step two, more information was provided to enable people to properly make the consideration. For example, how are you trained as a volunteer? And what kind of questions might you be faced with? This was followed by the action-oriented phase, in which people were called upon to sign up as volunteers.


Volunteers as ambassadors

Specific content was developed for each phase with a unique content design, with the current volunteers in the centre. After all, they are the real ambassadors of De Kindertelefoon and literally formed the face of the campaign.

And as ambassadors, they were not only representatives in the pictures, but also in communication. Visuals were developed for them to share organically in their own network, based on their own intrinsic motivation and with personal stories. This also generated more organic reach.

Tapping into new target groups

There was a focus on different target groups, partly based on the current volunteer profile. In addition, new target groups have been tapped to create more diversity within the volunteer base. This was optimised with a data-driven approach. With effect!



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impressions among at least 1,198,578 people


people have registered on the interested list
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An award-winning project

In 2023, this project won a Grand Prix Content Marketing award - Bronze in category Youth.

We couldn't be more proud of this recognition. It's a testament to our intensive collaboration with the client and the right blend of expertise and skills.

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