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The digital world offers various possibilities to promote your products and services and reach your target audience. However, digital does not just mean online. Offline campaigning & advertising still have an important place in the marketing mix. 

Our experts select the right media and channels for you – both online and offline – to get the most out of your campaigns. 

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The perfect mix of performance & brand…

Marketing is not just about selling your products and/or services. You also need to promote your brand and build a relationship with your target audience. That's why we strive to achieve the right balance between performance and brand in your campaigns. 

On the one hand, we use the right mix of words and images — supported by data and focused on achieving your KPIs. On the other hand, we work on increasing the awareness of and the experience customers have with your brand. We don’t do this by simply focusing on impressive statistics, but by highlighting what your brand stands for; your story, your values, your approach. 

… with a multimedia & cross-media approach

At iO, we always ensure the right mix of channels and media, both online and offline. From beautiful videos to mind-bending print campaigns. From computer and smartphone screens to the streetscape. We make sure you’re present in the entire living environment of your target audience. 

We create relevant touchpoints for the right people to discover your brand, products, and/or services. Touchpoints that reinforce each other and also align with the rest of your marketing, beyond advertising. This way, we make the complete picture fit together and can truly deliver impact and results. 

"With a fully integrated, in-house team, we are capable of devising comprehensive 360° strategies (on- and offline) with unmatched flexibility and delivery time."

Eli Ivens

Eli Ivens, Head of Media Services

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Why digital marketing is for you

Digital marketing is our flagship service. This is how we ensure a qualitative, sustainable stream of potential customers. From lead generation to awareness, brand experience and 360° or cross-media campaigns, our experts are at your service with their knowledge and experience. They stick to the importance of the right data, but with a heart for creativity in every solution.

Unleash the potential of your brand with digital marketing

How well do you know your brand and your target group? By understanding the DNA of your brand well, you know what you can translate into imagery and communication. That way, you first grab your audience's attention and then exert influence. Better yet, that's what our experts do. They dive deep into your DNA to fine-tune your digital (performance) marketing and translate the strategic lines into tactical campaigns.

  • Our Google Premium Partnership ensures you receive up-to-date marketing knowledge from Google — as well as Premium Google Support for regular beta access.

  • Our focus from the outset is on your organisation's desired results: together, we'll be on the same growth path from day one.

  • We also make time for advice on changes in privacy legislation and the advantages of first-party data.

  • We add efficiency and creativity to our customer-first strategies, using platform-specific creative services.

Why HubSpot should be included in your advertising strategy

Third-party cookies are disappearing, Facebook targeting options have all but vanished, and Facebook and LinkedIn Message ads are no longer available in Europe. In short, targeting and personally addressing your target group are becoming increasingly difficult. Companies will have to rely on first-party data and alternative targeting options. And HubSpot could play a big role in this.

Hubspot advertising | iO

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