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Which types of marketing are sure to serve your organisation well, instead of only making things harder? If you are consciously aiming for quality B2B leads, then inbound marketing makes up the proper course. In fact, this goes for digital marketing in general: approximately 90% of all B2B research is conducted via digital, online sources.

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But even the best inbound marketing strategy can’t hope to succeed without the right technology. Consider it your ticket towards guiding your 'humane' content efficiently into the world - straight towards your target group, as befits inbound marketing. HubSpot has a reputation as a strong player in this regard. This is the place to make your first acquaintance.

In this whitepaper:

  • Inbound marketing explained

  • Marketing in B2B

  • Account Based Marketing

  • HubSpot: your choice for all things inbound?

HubSpot and inbound marketing: the best of both worlds

With HubSpot, you have just about everything you need in a single platform to generate, manage and maintain quality prospects in an automated way - perfect for those set on ambitious inbound marketing. In addition, you can count on an impressive range of features: from content production to SEO, lead scoring, lead nurturing, analytics, CRM, customer service and more. This is where you can discover all of them.

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