Media buying: increase your impact with strategic media placement

media buying

An unbeatable campaign takes more than a creative idea and a sound baseline. The message needs to be just right, and that requires proper media placement. Our experts are happy to show you the way.

The importance of a strong media plan

If you want your message to move your target audience, you need to know who your target audience is, and the channels you can find them on.

After all, a campaign targeted towards students who enjoy cooking is something entirely different from a campaign that targets divorced 50-year-olds. These people have other interests, focus on different media outlets, etc.

A strong media plan doesn’t need to solely focus on digital media. Offline media can increase your campaigns’ impact, too. Whether you’re going for an ad in a niche magazine, a decked-out tram in the centre of a huge city, addressable TV, digital OOH, or a guerrilla campaign in a busy train station: our experts can help you pick out, buy and use the right media for maximum efficiency.

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What do we do?

At iO, you’ll find creative, techy, strategic and innovative experts. In short, everyone you need for a campaign that hits the mark. This is how we can help you:

Get started on a strong media plan

Our marketers happily help you make the right decisions.

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Why iO?

Working with iO means you get access to over 2000 experts. We have strong ties to leading media brands, which we can use to negotiate interesting rates for your campaigns.

But we don’t just have strong media partners. We can also help you:

  • creatively showcase your brand for your target audience;

  • make the right decisions to stand out, on- and offline;

  • build a powerful, agile technological foundation.

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