Idea validation: how to test your business ideas

New ideas come around all the time. But useful ideas are a lot rarer. With data-driven idea validation, you’ll find out whether your ideas are two a penny or diamonds in the rough.

Why do you need to validate your business ideas?

Our experts validate your ideas based on business frameworks, in-depth research and market research. This will give you insight into the needs of the consumer, showing you which target groups are suitable and which features matter to those groups.

By validating your business ideas, the products and services you deliver will help you solve problems – at a reasonable price for your organisation.

What do we do?

At the iO campuses, you’ll find all kinds of experts: creatives, strategists, technical specialists, and marketing experts. We’d be happy to help you validate your ideas. This is how we can help:

Time to validate your business ideas?

Our experts will help you launch strong new products, services and platforms as quickly as possible.


Why iO?

We have in-depth experience in marketing, strategy, content, and technology. Our experts aren’t tied to any platform. In other words: whatever tool works best for your business is what we will work with.

We won’t just help you validate your ideas, we’ll also help you:

  • Turn those ideas into valuable additions to your organisation;

  • Help your brand conquer the market with surprising, creative concepts;

  • Take the right technological decisions for future-proof business processes.

Want to talk about your project?

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