Is your organisation digitally mature? Find out with a digital maturity audit

Your organisation’s digital maturity is important these days. Are your tools, processes and (marketing) technology ready to carry your organisation? Having the answer to this question within reach helps you gain insights that can help you take important decisions about your organisation, investments and focus.

Based on capability maturity models, our experts take a closer look at the digital readiness of your organisation, tools, processes and tech. This helps us determine your digital maturity for six dimensions: strategy, culture, organisation, processes, technology, customers and partners. If anything, a crystal-clear framework to help you determine where you’re at is always valuable.

Which transformation suits your organisation’s current maturity level?

Why is it always a good idea to have a look at the digital maturity of your organisation? Because your digital maturity determines how quickly you can respond to digital change and the value you can generate in a digital world. That’s an important benchmark for success in a world that’s becoming more digital with every waking hour. Elements like always-on marketing, the growing digitalisation of business processes, online self-service platforms and the presence of the internet in B2B and B2C all render digital maturity indispensable.

A digital maturity audit can benefit any type of organisation – not just the big shots with large budgets. Is your organisation considered digitally mature? Even then, the process will never be ‘finished’: there are always ways to improve.

A digital maturity audit gets you the following things:

  • A targeted, objective evaluation of the digital maturity of your organisation;

  • A clear assessment thanks to the Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT), an audit that assesses digital maturity based on 6 dimensions: strategy, culture, organisation, processes, technology and customers & partners.

  • A fresh set of eyes to find the things that may be missing and therefore keeping your organisation from digital maturity;

  • A clear report that considers each element of your organisation separately and leaves you with clear next steps.

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Why iO?

At iO, you can count on an end-to-end partner. That means that we take care of everything, from copywriting and design to reporting and optimisations.

Our experts deliver strong digital maturity audits, but we also care about other factors, such as:

  • Your brand and brand experience;

  • Data and segmentation strategies to build your digital business;

  • Integrations with your tech stack (company systems, ad platforms, etc.).

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