Insights 2023 - from Employer Branding to Recruitment

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How do you win the war on talent? That requires strong employee brands and super-smart, creative campaigns. Only, how do you do that for your brand? You will read about it in our Insights 2023 - from Employer Branding to Recruitment. A mix of case studies and experts from the field. We tell you what it takes to entice your target group to apply for a job with you. Kirsten de Roo; author of the book 'Personnel shortage starts with yourself' also shares what is needed to bind and, above all, retain talent.

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In this edition:

  • Insights Employer Branding

  • Tips & tricks on enticing the target group to apply to your company

  • Customer cases

  • Several industry experts have their say

"A strong employer brand & recruiting new talent go hand in hand."

What does your brand need?

Wondering how your brand can win the war on talent? Quickly read our Insights 2023 - from Employer branding to Recruitment.

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