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Does it look as if your organisation is losing the war for talent? Does it start to seem like the right talents consistently prefer to join other companies? Today, unemployment rates in Belgium have hit an historic low (3%). This presents us with opportunities, as well as challenges. Less job seekers, more vacancies, increased competition in the war for talent.

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In case you’ve missed the point so far, installing a ping pong table or hosting Casual Friday events will only make for temporary results. Permanent successes are achieved through – among other things – a well-defined, strong employer brand, as well as crystal-clear internal & external communication, highlighting your convictions as an employer and employee support. The time has come to show who you really are, and make a real difference while doing so.

In this whitepaper:

  • Mental wellbeing on the workfloor

  • All things hybrid working

  • Custom HR policies

  • Our tips & tricks for setting up a well-written, strong employer brand

‘Working’ has a different ring to it, nowadays

As a modern employer, it pays to invest in the mental well-being of your employees – through empathy, a renewed ‘tribal’ sense in times of hybrid working and a proper balance between individual freedom and group belonging. This way, you also ensure a flexible HR policy, tailored to the individual. The end result? A strong employer brand that shows who you really are: quite attractive to all like-minded talents out there.

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