Employer branding 101: how you can score with a strong employer brand

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A solid employer brand appeals to the employees of today, tomorrow, and yesterday. You attract the right candidates and retain talent. In this whitepaper you will learn how to approach employer branding campaigns from scratch — from strategy to concept and implementation.

Download the (Dutch) whitepaper

While your product brand primarily addresses your customers and your corporate brand keeps all external stakeholders in mind, your employer brand focuses on your employees of today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

In this whitepaper:

  • Why you should invest in employer branding

  • Developing an employer brand together with your employees

  • From EVP to distinctive campaign concepts

  • The 6 phases of an employer branding campaign

  • The 8 advantages of a strong employer brand

"By developing your employer brand together with your employees, your employer brand in itself actually becomes stronger."

An employer brand is not a new, flashy, ready-to-wear suit that you can quickly throw on. It is a tailor-made suit that fits only your organisation like a glove.

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