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Conversation management is where you, as a brand, interact with your current and potential customers. The interaction you have with them on social media channels, but also via live chat communication, messaging apps or chatbots, is all part of conversation management.

Often, people also throw around words like web care, community management, social care, social listening, etc. But whatever you call it, customer contact is important at every stage of the customer journey and is essential in presales and aftercare. But it also gives you the opportunity to build customer loyalty from within the customer journey. In short, conversation management is indispensable and can bring immeasurable value to your brand – if you do it right. More on that later.

  • Get in touch with your customers

  • Online presence – all year round

  • Customer service opportunities

  • Build customer loyalty

  • Live chat, messaging apps, chatbots & more

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Our conversation team connects brands to consumers every day. They use a wide range of tools to do so:

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business











Google Home

Google Home

Google Assistent

Google Assistent


Amazon Alexa

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Conversation management creates, nurtures, and strengthens the connection between brand and consumer. It delivers leads and not investing in it can cost you customers. In what way can conversation management contribute to your brand?

Get to know your audience

Customer questions, complaints, compliments, suggestions. No matter what your interaction with a customer is about, thanks to conversation management, you can get to know more about the needs, habits and demands of your target audience. This information helps you improve or even expand your service, but it also gives you input and inspiration for new website or social media content. Because the topics that return are important to your customers. Besides, it’s important to monitor messages that speak of the brand, as well – not just the messages directed towards the brand. This kind of reputation management is why a conversation team can get a feel for the overall brand sentiment among (potential) customers.

A constant presence leading to loyalty

Don’t play hard to get in conversation and community management. You need to be there for your customers because digital conversations are always ‘on’. All social media channels, all day, every day. The connection to a brand grows when customers know they can rely on you 24/7. This allows you to not only deliver a service: your customers can even become loyal ambassadors for your brand.

Beat the algorithm

Active conversation management pays off. Pretty much all social media platforms reward businesses that interact with their followers. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. The algorithm makes sure your social content is more prominently shown.

Organisations that choose conversation management at iO will get:

  • a direct, digital link with their customer and efficient customer contact;

  • a constant presence: 365 days a year (including holidays and weekends) from 08:00 to 22:00. If necessary even 24/7;

  • renewed opportunities for customer service;

  • a promised reaction time of 60 minutes, in practice usually 28 minutes on average;

  • help for their social care team at busy times;

  • more insight into the wishes and expectations of their community;

  • an improved online sentiment around their brand;

Our experts have helped several brands with their conversation management and social media needs – we’ll happily tell you about it in our cases.

Webinar: Conversation management
  • Why web care and conversation management are so important;

  • How you can collect valuable data with web care;

  • How we make web care affordable at iO using a pool system;

  • The first steps to a web care unit that truly works for you.

Conversation management is not only important, it's indispensable in today's digital world. At every stage of the customer journey, your customers of today and tomorrow are looking for accurate information or answers to their questions — and they want them as quickly as possible.

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Date: 28 September 2023 - 12.00h PM

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The most important reasons to get started with conversation management


of consumers think a quick response to a first request is important.


switch to a different provider after a negative social care experience.


view live chat or social media as customer service

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