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Few social media platforms have had the same impact as Meta. It started with Facebook revolutionising our daily, digital lives. And then, Instagram did it all over again, today. Facebook and Instagram are central to how we experience the world. The question remains: does that also apply to your brand advertising?

To get ahead in this market – alongside a clear strategy that’s supported by qualitative assets – you need to have right sparring partners on your side. At iO, our digital advertising specialists, helped by an extensive team of experienced (visual) creatives who know how to make visual platforms such as Facebook and Instagram an essential part of your media mix.

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The power of Meta ads

Together Facebook and Instagram together have 2.5 billion active, daily users. This makes Meta a giant when it comes to digital exposure, for almost every target group. And those likes you give every day? All those friendships, followers and connections on Facebook and Instagram? A wealth of data, and the most important source for detailed user profiles – that you can use to make your targeted advertisements rock solid so that you can get the best out of your advertising budget.

So it's important to put your brand in the digital spotlight, but in the right place – to embrace and exploit the incredible reach of Meta. Fortunately, Meta's services offer plenty of opportunities for organisations that want to exploit targeted advertising, as well as some unique benefits.

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iO, your advertising partner for results and brand equity

At iO, we find the ideal blend of result and brand-oriented advertising. On the one hand, we use the right mix of words and images – supported by data and focused on achieving your KPIs.

On the other hand, we build awareness of – and the experience that customers have with your brand. This not only by focusing on beautiful statistics, but also on what your brand stands for, your story, your values, your approach.

How do we make this happen?

Clients already benefiting from our Meta ads

Baloise - iO
Brussels Airport
Nitro - iO
June energy - iO
Helan - iO
Partena Professional
Arwy NV
iO, a cross-industry trusted supplier.

We have the privilege of serving organisations in a wide range of industries, all of them with unique needs and processes when it comes to data. Is yours among them? Read all about – why not right away?


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