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Identify obstacles from your messengers — request your quick scan now and get insights into your webcare performance.

  • Get detailed insights 

  • Reduce guesswork 

  • Receive clear recommendations 

  • Improve online sentiment around your brand 

This is how to improve your online sentiment

Our experts take a closer look at your social channels. They look not only at what people say to your brand — but also at what they say about you. 

A webcare team is the first point of contact between your brand and the consumer. And that's a very important point — after all, you can only make one first impression.  

With a webcare scan, you will learn more about your current state and identify areas for improvement. This will give you the answers to the most important questions: 

  • What is our response rate?  

  • Do we sometimes miss relevant posts?  

  • What is our average response time?  

  • Are our responses correct and appropriate?  

  • Do we treat messengers as human beings and communicate in a human way? 

Having a round table meeting

What is a webcare scan?

Good webcare is indispensable everywhere in the customer journey - in the form of presales and classic aftercare, but also in building customer loyalty. Personal interaction is essential here. And the data you generate can, in turn, be used to optimise the customer journey.   

Some numbers to further underline the urgency of strong webcare: 

  • 89% of consumers consider a quick response to an initial inquiry important;  

  • 46% switch to another provider after a bad customer service experience;   

  • 67% use live chat or social media to get in touch with an organisation. 

As such, clear insight into your webcare activities is hugely important. Our scan is a comprehensive evaluation of your channels on social media and/or live chat. In that evaluation, we identify areas for improvement and give you the tools to improve your online conversations. 

Is a scan like this interesting to me?

Do you want more insight into your online conversations with (potential) customers and other stakeholders? Do you want concrete points, supported by practical examples, to steer this? If so, a webcare scan is interesting for you. With this scan, you: 

  • Put your (potential) customers first;  

  • Generate data to improve the customer journey;  

  • Ensure happier customers today and tomorrow.