How do you have pure customer conversations, offline and online?

Making beautiful living accessible to all, with low prices and without compromising on quality, delivery times or trends - that's Leen Bakker. Beloved by Dutch and Belgian consumers. 170 stores across the Netherlands and Belgium already welcome 2 million unique visitors every month and online, the brand attracts 4 million visitors every month. At Leen Bakker, the focus is on making every home special. It's high time to extend that exceptional shopping experience to social media interactions.
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Improve social media sentiment and digital customer service


Dedicated conversation management: consistent tone of voice, shorter response times and focus on social media

The collaboration in figures

  • Available 365 days a year: digital opening hours extended from office hours to 8:00 to 22:00 - 7 days a week.

  • Response within 28 minutes: in the past, responses took several days 

  • 12,500 messages: processed monthly on average. 

  • Broad digital scope: monitoring Leen Bakker social channels and comprehensive brand focused media analysis including consumer comments and news sites. 

  • Higher customer satisfaction.

  • Fewer PR escalations through continuous monitoring.

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The downside of growth

In 2018, Leen Bakker's online sales grew. The brand enjoyed great online visibilty. More customers means more sales, but also more aftersales. More positive stories, such as enthusiastic reactions under Instagram posts, but also unpleasant tweets about delivery times and annoying shopping experiences.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Leen Bakker. Their highly trained customer service team handled emails and phone calls, but no one was prepared for the deluge of messages on social media. The long response times and the low response rate produced negative sentiment on Leen Bakker's social media channels. The perfect time to bring in the expertise to turn negativity into positivity.

Webcare: a good conversation starts with listening

Our digital experts scanned Leen Bakker's online channels and organisation. This revealed a number of deficiencies in Leen Bakker's online services: lacking a clear protocol, experienced specialists, long opening hours, and accurate tooling. And that’s where the iO Leen Bakker conversation team came in.

A key concept of our solution: conversation management. Every sincere conversation starts with listening. The golden rule for all communication, both offline and online. A good conversation team is the first social point of contact between brand and consumer.

Today, it is crucial to be able to answer social media queries from early in the morning until late at night. 365 days a year, even 24 hours a day if necessary.

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A dedicated team for real connection

For Leen Bakker, consistent webcare was essential. The opportunity to have online conversations with customers. And with the same impact and results as an in-store conversation between customer and seller.

These conversations can be found everywhere in the customer journey. In the form of presales and classic aftercare, but also when building customer loyalty. Personal interaction is extra important. To achieve this, we appointed a dedicated team of social agents, available seven days a week in shifts between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. to engage with Leen Bakker's customers.

In close collaboration with Leen Bakker, we drafted a clear e-commerce, marketing and customer service protocol that included tone-of-voice, rules of engagement, workflows, concise do's and don'ts and sample conversations. All the tools they needed to give digital conversations the same charm as physical conversations with Leen Bakker.

For efficiency and to guarantee that no digital message was missed, we set up the engagement software of OBI4wan for Leen Bakker. This tool means that the team can monitor what is written to Leen Bakker, and also what is written about Leen Bakker. Thus, the conversation team developed the "feelers" of the brand.

High-profile results

The results were quick and clear. Our specialists reduced the accumulated message backlog to the agreed response time of up to 60 minutes. Over time, this reaction time has been further reduced to an average of only 28 minutes.

Online customer satisfaction improved. People now felt heard, and in the event of a complaint, our team acted quickly, limiting the visibility and impact of any negative experience. Also on weekends.

Each message is not only read but also labelled by type, subject and sentiment. This allows the iO experts to deliver a monthly, tailor-made report full of data and clear insights. A valuable data source for new social media content, product development or improvement of existing services.

More than a long-term collaboration

iO has been working for and with Leen Bakker for four years, and recently added Belgian social channels to the conversation. So it comes as no surprise that our relationship goes beyond that of the traditional contractor and client. Today, there is an aligned workflow. We form one team, and you can see that in the results.

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Does your organisation need efficient webcare?

We will listen closely to your wishes and identify the perfect solutions for your conversation needs. Your own conversation management strategy, for example, or trained social agents for your brand? Professionals who are fluent in the language of social media and digital services, in line with your brand story and DNA.