Conversational & community management

How does your organisation interact with current and potential customers? Conversational marketing is an excellent, channel-independent tool to do just that, because of its focus on customer service and direct customer contact, through a live chat, chatbot or voice assistant. Community management is the other pea in the pod because it adds the value of social media as a tool for direct contact with users. The driving force? Original social creatives and strong social strategists.

Why is conversational & community management important?

Conversational marketing and community management puts you in front of the customer, not just through your website but through technology such as messaging apps, AI and social app integration. This helps you reinforce your relationships with customers and contribute to a better customer experience. The result: a precise and creative targeting of the right contacts. Conversational marketing and community management aim for the delivery of valuable user input – i.e. through the right content strategy, content creation and social advertising.

Organisations that go for conversational & community management get:

  • a direct, digital link to the customer and efficient customer contact;

  • new opportunities for customer service;

  • artificial intelligence as an additional factor for success;

  • more insight into the needs and expectations of your community;

  • improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI);

  • a constant presence on social media.

Clients we’ve helped with conversational & community management:

Luminus - iO
Alcon - iO
Marcassou - iO
McDonalds - iO
D´leteren Group - iO
Proximus - iO
J&J - iO
Merz - iO
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Which conversational & community management tools are used by our experts?

paragone fka MakeMeReach
Alexa skill
whatsapp for business
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