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Turning data into valuable insights has become a prerequisite for achieving successful business results through digital marketing. "From now on, we will only make data-driven decisions", is an ambition increasingly heard from many organisations. However, how to really implement data-driven digital marketing within your organisation?

Based on years of experience, in-depth expertise, a successful approach and a proven track record, we’ll help you make digital marketing processes and touchpoints measurable. We ensure that future decisions will be made based on objective, data-driven insights, all to make your next marketing campaign even more successful.

  • Structured approach and best practices

  • A tailor-made solution for your organisation

  • Technology and platform independent

  • From data to insights

  • Build – Measure – Learn

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The importance of data-driven digital marketing

How do you get the most value out of your digital data? More and more data is available to optimise your (digital) marketing activities. However, simply having the data does not necessarily mean that your marketing benefits from it. By means of a targeted step-by-step plan, we help organisations turn data into data-driven decisions to enable marketing successes.

The components of a strong data-driven approach

A strong data-driven approach consists of several components. Consider those below, for example.

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The benefits of data-driven optimisations

The benefits of making data-driven decisions and optimisations can be seen across all facets of digital marketing. A few practical examples: 

  • Personalised e-mail campaigns 
    By analysing customer data such as demographics, preferences and online customer behaviour and turning them into customer segments, you can set up personalised e-mail campaigns for each segment. As you increase the relevance of each e-mail, readers will turn out to be more engaged, and your e-mails will see a higher open rate. 

  • Cost-efficient advertising 
    By analysing advertising data, you can - for example - identify the most effective channels and campaigns per target group. This allows you to deploy your marketing efforts effectively and use your advertising budget optimally.   

  • A conversion boost for your webshop 
    By analysing customer behaviour on webshop pages, you gain insight into the customer journey of visitors and determine which pages convert the best. By directing more traffic to those pages, you end up boosting the conversion statistics of your webshop.  

Specialists through and through

How do we get started with converting data into valuable insights for your organisation? Together with the stakeholders in your business, we develop an integrated approach, and bring your business objectives together with marketing, technology and content. Is our approach put in place and set in stone? Great, now the time has come to put it into practice. That’s iO all the way: with multidisciplinary teams, we help organisations bring strategy to the daily (global) operations.

How does iO work?

  • 1
    It starts with goals & KPIs 

    Setting up good Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is an important aspect of data-driven digital marketing. Using a KPI framework, we help you draw up KPIs that let you look objectively at the effects of all (digital) marketing activities.

  • 2
    Data collection – collect the data that you need!

    Based on the KPIs, we make work of a measurement plan for data collection to begin. This is especially important because without data, there’s no way of generating valuable insights.

  • 3
    A dashboard that triggers action

    Through dashboarding and reporting, we monitor the defined KPIs, as well as other supporting metrics. When creating the dashboard, we always ask ourselves the following questions: which questions should the dashboard provide the answer to? Who is going to end up using it?

  • 4
    From data to insights

    Now the time has come to start analysing the data and finally convert it into valuable insights. This way, we not only answer the question of what happened, but also as to why it happened and how you can ensure influence.

  • 5
    Continuous optimalisation

    Based on quantitative and qualitative analysing, we define the right optimalisations and present a clear plan of action. Testing and implementing improvements remains a continuous process and therefore starts right back up again upon completing this final step.

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