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The best part of living and working in a digital world? Everything can be measured. Collecting, analysing and using the right data to base decisions on is priceless. We love collecting things, both on- and offline – but we’ll translate our market research and data analysis into clear insights and pieces of advice.

  • Make your efforts measurable

  • Chart the path towards your company goals

  • Pick segmentation and personalisation

  • Present your findings clearly

  • Dashboards filled with clear data & information

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Our data and segmentation strategy services

Data analysis is a particular field, but it is one our experts have mastered completely. From setting up the necessary tools to correctly interpreting the collected data, including dashboards, relevant knowledge, checks and interpretation.

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Clients we’ve helped with data & segmentation strategy:

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Polestar - iO
DeltaLight - iO
The importance of a data and segmentation strategy - iO

A new kind of gold to dig for: data

Data has never been this crucial to communication processes. Data flows help organisations make strong decisions and optimise the marketing mix. Data analysis will only become more important in making a difference:

  • Data mining still has potential to grow, as well as a considerable learning curve for companies that use it, so there’s a lot of potential in insightful data;

  • By grouping data sources into 1 single version of truth (a so-called data warehouse) and running reporting and intelligence on it, you can predict user behaviour and trends.

  • A measuring plan and implementation workflow are crucial parts of a data strategy because they have a big impact on data quality and therefore on the quality of data-driven decisions.

  • Market research will give you the necessary context for data insights.

At iO, we have created a team of experts in technology, strategy, content, and marketing, who all combine their extensive knowledge and expertise to shape your data collection. They do this with the right insights, advice, segmentation techniques and data care packs – providing data you can base all your next moves on.

The benefits of a data and segmentation strategy partner - iO

The benefits of a strategic partner for data and segmentation

At iO, you get to rely on an end-to-end partnership. Meaning: we’ll take care of your needs, from strategy to content and from technology to marketing.

Our army of experts excels at setting up and executing data and segmentation strategies, but they also ensure that:

  • Your digital presence aligns with your brand, DNA and style;

  • Your investments deliver – by using the right platforms;

  • You get access to expert support and clear data reporting.

Time to collect and segment your data? Use a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

This whitepaper illustrates how a CDP gets assembled, where its added value lies CDP can be for your organisation and which conditions best serve a CDP.

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Great to meet you, we are iO

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