Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

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A Customer Data Platform collects your customers’ data and is mainly at home in the more ‘mature’ marketing departments of the organisation. A CDP combines customer data from different platforms and hands it back to you in a 360° package. This whitepaper illustrates how a CDP gets assembled, where its added value lies CDP can be for your organisation and which conditions best serve a CDP.

Download the (Dutch) whitepaper

In this whitepaper:

Its name already says a lot about what a CDP does. If ‘That's what my CRM or marketing automation tool is for’, or ‘We have everything in a data warehouse’ are running through your mind right now, consider ‘That's exactly the problem. All my customer data is spread across a multitude of tools’. Do we have your attention?

  • What is a CDP?

  • How does a CDP fit into your organisation?

  • What can you achieve with a CDP?

  • Conditions for using a CDP

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