Measurement and attribution: how impactful is your marketing?

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Setting up a creative marketing campaign aimed at your target group is step one. But how do you know if your campaign is paying off? Did your campaign chime with your target group, or did you miss the mark? There is only one way to find out, and that is through measurement and attribution.

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  • Quantify the impact of campaigns

  • More efficient and targeted  use of marketing budget 

  • Strategic growth based on clear reports

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Measurement and attribution at iO

At iO we support your organisation to help you grow. We currently provide measurement and attribution services for around 1850 domains. We offer a range of services included in measurement and attribution. Our experts can help you with:

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What is measurement and attribution?

With measurement and attribution, you quantify the success of your marketing efforts. We don’t just collect data; we also use it to gain insights into your users actions and conversion behaviours. 

This ranges from general data, such as the number of users on your website and the average session duration, to specific data. Which products do your users click on most often? What is the conversion rate of a particular product? When do your prospects convert? We answer all of these questions through measurement and attribution. 

We bundle the results of the measurements and attribution into clear and manageable reports so that you can get started and have a clear overview of your domain data. In addition, we can also provide you with a data dashboard.

Clients we have already helped with measurement and attribution:

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JBC - iO
Mayerline - iO
Bruxx - iO
Primagaz - iO
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Gosselin - iO
Voka - iO
Kinepolis - iO
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Why do measurement and attribution matter?

To measure your marketing success, you need the right knowledge and tools. It’s the only way to find out which actions influence people to take action themselves and it can prove to you that your marketing investments and efforts are valuable.

Measurement and attribution are critical steps in quantifying your marketing success.

Whitepaper: The significance of data in digital marketing

What does your target group want to see, hear, and read? The only way to find out is to collect data smartly (and ethically of course). And then use it in the right way. Read all about it in our whitepaper.


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What are the benefits for your organisation?

The big advantage of measurement and attribution is that you gain insights into your marketing impact. The collected data reveals whether your campaigns have successfully achieved the intended goal. What's more: you get more insights into where the conversions happen

This is valuable information. We use these insights to help you to take the next strategic, data driven step. That's how we help you get more conversions and you can  use your budget in a more efficient, targeted way

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