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Email marketing is a classic but efficient approach to modern marketing. Far from dead and more important than ever in times of first-party data collection. In addition, there's a huge amount of potential for high ROI, if you do it right and think it through. It’ll give your existing customers that little extra push and help you convert new ones.

  • + 50 email marketing experts;

  • Email marketing by no means dead;

  • Essential for your first-party data strategy;

  • Clear, measurable results;

  • Limited costs and high RO(M)I;

  • From storytelling to commercial actions.

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How does iO help with email marketing?

As a blended agency, iO helps you through every step of the process; from introductory meeting to constant follow-up and optimisation. We’re happy to help you with all of this:

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How do you do email marketing successfully?

A lot of factors come into play, from choosing the right email tool that matches your goals to building accessible, user-friendly templates and setting up and segmenting your database.

In fact, it often boils down to the smallest details. The right subject lines, short and powerful copy, a recognisable style in words and images, and all the little tweaks you might need to avoid ending up in your target audience's spam folder. But what if you do it right? That's when you can reap the rewards.

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Why focus on email marketing?

Email marketing is essentially a fast track leading to your potential customer’s inbox. By adding email to your marketing automation strategy, we can give you an extremely efficient channel for the follow-up of events, triggers, and flows. This way, our experts can plant valuable digital seeds that aren’t disruptive or spammy.

And those experts? They’re experienced email marketers who know how to set up the perfect flow. Copywriters and visual designers with just as much experience provide emails customised to your target audience and your organisation’s DNA.

Organisations that use the full potential of email marketing (and marketing automation) will notice:

  • Limited expenses and a high RO(M)I;

  • A quick, almost direct, connection to their target audience;

  • Clear, measurable results;

  • Increased revenue;

  • Many opportunities for personalisation and automation;

  • Multi-purpose marketing opportunities, from storytelling to commercial promotions;

  • They’re making more data-driven decisions.

Getting started with email marketing?

It’s not easy to choose the right marketing tools. Our experts will help you get started with this white paper.


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Why iO?

At iO, you can count on an end-to-end partnership. That means we’ll take care of everything, from copywriting and design to reporting and optimisation.

Because of our 2000 experts, we’re not just good at setting up your marketing automation and email campaigns, but we also care about:

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Knowledge sharing is at the heart of iO. That's why we are happy to teach you more about email marketing in a tailor-made course or training.
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