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Increase your revenue by leveraging iO's marketing automation expertise. By automating repetitive tasks and making smart use of data and personalisation, you align sales, marketing and service better than ever before. This makes it easier to turn anonymous online visitors into valuable leads, and turn leads into customers who actively choose your products and services again and again - generating more revenue in the process.

And whether you operate locally or internationally: the possibilities of marketing automation are endless. Our experts will be happy to chart the right course with you.

  • + 100 marketing automation projects;

  • + 40 marketing automation experts;

  • Technology & platform independent

  • Increased clarity, transparency, and efficiency

  • Increased revenue thanks to RevOps processes;

  • Improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

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How does iO help you?

Our experts have years of experience with marketing automation projects in various sectors. They are happy to help you with this:

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Why is marketing automation important?

With a marketing automation partner, you ensure - via an automated process - that your target group receives the right, relevant content, on the right channel and at the right time - throughout the entire customer journey, from initial visitor to (returning) customer. That way, you save time without compromising on quality.

If your organisation opts for marketing automation, you free up more of your employees' time to increase efficiency and generate more turnover. We call this strategic approach RevOps (revenue operations).

Organisations that focus on marketing automation, notice:

  • smooth, optimised sales flows;

  • a strong brand love;

  • more loyalty;

  • increased revenue;

  • improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI);

  • more data-driven decisions.

Which marketing automation tools do we use?

Our marketing automation experts build the ideal flows and funnels every day. To help them, they have a wide range of smart and powerful tools at their disposal.

A single truth in data thanks to centralised tooling

Automation tools are becoming a central point in the data architecture of organisations, more than they ever did before. Those tools are ‘lighter versions’ of full-fledged Customer Data Platforms (CDP), and so are becoming all the more the core of a "single source of truth" in terms of data.

This way, teams can extract relevant data insights much faster - and effectively engage with the right data sets to generate more revenue.

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Why iO?

At iO, you can rely on an end-to-end partnership. We’ve got you covered, from copywriting and design to reporting and optimisations.

We’re great at setting up your marketing automation, but our 2000 experts also pay attention to:

Getting started with marketing automation?

Choosing the right marketing automation platform isn’t simple. Our experts will help you get there with this whitepaper.


How iO takes up your marketing automation project

  • 1
    Step 1: Strategic workshop

    Together, we determine your business objectives, our way of working, and the overarching strategy. We document that information in a widely available implementation guide.

  • 2
    Stap 2: Platform selection

    You tell us all about your challenge: what’s troubling you and what should the solution bring to help you out? Based on your story, we select the marketing automation platform that best answers your question.

  • 3
    Step 3: Implementation

    We set everything up properly, activate your accounts, and get everything ready to use - together, we can make your marketing automation approach a success story.

  • 4
    Step 4: Integrations

    A new marketing automation tool naturally needs to work smoothly with your existing tech stack. Based on a comprehensive technical analysis, our experts roll up their sleeves.

  • 5
    Step 5: Onboarding

    We onboard your internal teams on your platform of choice. Following an initial phase with a limited group, we gather feedback and organise a broad training session.

  • 6
    Step 6: Training

    In a broader training session - at your office, on our campus, or digitally - we will show all current and future users how to get everything out of the new platform.

  • 7
    Step 7: Go live

    Time to fully embrace your new platform! We go live and in the process, our experts provide full data tracking and go-to-market checks.

  • 8
    Step 8: Follow-up & optimisation

    Even after the initial delivery, our experts continue to support you on the long run using constant monitoring and optimisations of your marketing automation approach.

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Complex marketing automation integrations

iO is more than just an execution partner. First of all, we think strategically about how marketing automation can have the greatest impact on your organisation.

In the next phase, our technical experts take care of the integration between the chosen marketing automation tool(s) and your existing tech stack. Think, for example, of ERPs, HR tools, data lakes, and CRM systems such as SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics. 

We provide a powerful ecosystem allowing all marketing, sales, and service processes in your organisation to work together seamlessly - so you only have to focus on generating more revenue.

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