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Is your organisation large with complex sales & marketing processes? Or is it modest in size and in need of scalable solutions to fit your exact needs? Salesforce is historically known as the prime supplier of a market-leading Marketing Automation solution. Today, it’s the flagship of modern CRM (Sales Automation) & marketing automation platforms, to be used by a wide range of companies across industries.  

Salesforce provides two distinct flavours of an advanced marketing automation solution:

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement  

  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Ex-Pardot)  

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Our Salesforce services 

At iO, we pride ourselves to have the necessary resources to support our customers in all things Salesforce – with unique expertise in Marketing Cloud Engagement and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. 

Our consultants and developers are equipped to assist you in the following areas: 

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Clients that benefit from our Salesforce expertise

Salesforce – the right marriage between sales and marketing  

Salesforce's Marketing Cloud is especially designed for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.   

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions are particularly well-suited to address your contacts and automate their journeys. In the end, allowing you to focus on what matters most: effective marketing to maximise your brand’s business!  

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How Salesforce assists your organisation in marketing automation & CRM

Major Salesforce functionalities include, among others: 

Marketing Cloud Engagement 

A suite of marketing automation tools that helps businesses engage with their customers across multiple channels, including email, social media, and mobile devices - focused on engaging with individual customers and delivering personalised messages across multiple channels. 

Some of the well-known tools offered by Marketing Cloud Engagement?  Email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, web personalization, and analytics. Each one of them keeps track of customer behaviour across multiple touchpoints, providing valuable insights into customer preferences. 

This information can be used to create highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns, each one more likely to resonate with customers and drive engagement. 

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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (ex-Pardot)  

A variant of the impressive marketing automation suite, all about engaging with target accounts and delivering personalised messages to key stakeholders.  

In other words; deliver personalised instances automatically using relevant content and close deals faster through higher deal velocity with AI and engagement insights. Using valuable data gained from every interaction, you get a clear view of how every single activation influences the pipeline. Finally, all you wish, you get as part of a single offering on a single platform. In other words, there’s no better place to see marketing and sales align. 

Both platforms offer powerful marketing capabilities, but their focus and approach are different, making them well-suited for different marketing strategies and objectives: 

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement: communication at scale to maximise loyalty and to reduce churn 

  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement: for superior lead generation to feed your sales teams 

  • Sales Cloud (coupled to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement): CRM to enable sales teams to track leads, manage customer accounts, close deals, and analyse performance. 

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Time to bring in the iO experts?

Are you considering working with iO? In that case, we look forward to helping you maximise the value of your Salesforce Cloud’s implementations and achieve your marketing goals more efficiently and effectively.   

Whether your organisation is just getting started with one or more of the Salesforce products or if you need help optimising your existing implementation, we’ll hand you the expertise and support needed to succeed.  

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