How do you communicate smarter and more efficiently with your customers?

Personalisation plays an important role in the user experience. Relevant content at the right time, shown to the right person, ensures more engagement and conversion. That is exactly why Hyundai called in the help of iO to develop and implement a smart marketing automation strategy with SharpSpring.




Increase engagement and conversion in the user experience


Develop and implement a smart marketing automation strategy with SharpSpring

Interesting insights by using a 360-degree customer profile

In order to be able to respond to the interests of potential customers as much as possible, Hyundai wants insight into the behaviour of its individual website visitors. Which pages do they visit? Which forms do they fill in? Which mailings do they click on and which online actions do they respond to?

We developed a system that answers these questions. Using this database, we build a 360-degree customer profile for each website visitor. Needless to say, this is completely privacy-proof: when filling in a form, the visitor gives permission for the data to be collected. This happens retrospectively, so that we also have insight into the steps that preceded filling in the form.

Development of a lead scoring model

With lead scoring, we add another dimension to the 360 degree profile. Together with Hyundai, we have assigned values to certain actions a customer takes. For instance, a customer can get points for repeatedly visiting the website, for opening specific mailings or for filling out forms. The result of these points provides a score with which Hyundai can qualify and categorise leads and take action at the right time.


Personalised content driven by interests

The first impression is extremely important. Look at the header of a mailing, for example. If you are interested in top-of-the-range cars, a header with compact cars will probably not appeal to you. And vice versa. Based on the 360-degree customer profile, Hyundai can personalise content on the website and in mailings and take relevance to the next level.

Custom API

To get the most out of SharpSpring, Hyundai wanted to make a link between SharpSpring and multiple external systems. For example, to set up email flows with data from an external CRM. Via a customised API, we created a connection that not only exchanges data, but also applies smart logic.

Email flow Hyundai Electric Academy

In the early stages of our partnership, Hyundai actively used marketing automation for the Hyundai Electric Academy. In a certain period, participants received five videos by e-mail in which they learned all about electric charging and driving, followed by a test drive. When they watched all videos, they received a certificate of participation afterwards.


The results

Hyundai now has a unified database with 360-degree customer profiles and one email system for marketing automation and regular newsletters. The aim was for employees to be able to work with SharpSpring independently. That's why we provide training on how SharpSpring works and how to set up smart email flows based on customer data.

SharpSpring is much more than just a marketing automation tool. In the future, Hyundai will also use more and more functionalities, like the 'My Hyundai' environment, the CRM, social media monitoring and the service module for customer questions. This way, they will be able to set up processes more efficiently and save costs by using fewer systems.

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