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Marketing automation has found its way into the world of marketing. It's the perfect way to maximise your interaction with your customers. With a platform like Selligent, you manage all your campaigns — from creation to launch and optimization.

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Selligent is a marketing automation platform that helps you build relationships across channels in one platform. Start creating, testing, launching and optimising for the perfect funnel from your own hub.

What is Selligent?

Selligent helps marketers like you to build relationships with their customers across different channels. Or, if you're looking for a slightly more technical explanation: Selligent is an AI-driven cloud platform for B2C marketing automation. From that one platform, you can create, test, launch, and optimise campaigns.

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The advantages of Selligent

Selligent is infinitely flexible. It adapts seamlessly to your organisation's needs and ensures valuable interactions. Discover all the benefits of a marketing automation platform like Selligent:

Dynamic data

Bring together data from different sources, get a complete picture of your customer data, and make informed decisions at every scale with Selligent.

AI-driven automation

With Cortex — the built-in AI layer in Selligent Marketing Cloud — you have the power to boost conversions, visitor engagement, and customer relations in a few clicks.

Seamless omnichannel marketing

Unite all your campaign channels in one journey with Selligent. Combine email, web, social, print, and more — and reinforce your omnichannel strategy.

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iO's Selligent experts are eager to get started with your project. Discover our services:

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iO is your trusted Selligent partner

For several years now, our Selligent team has been successfully responding to the growing demand for marketing automation. We tailor the platform to the needs and requirements of your organisation and integrate it seamlessly with the existing data structure and toolset of our clients, thus creating an all-around solution.

These organisations have already relied on our Selligent expertise:

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