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Every business that uses email marketing in its strategy to reach a target audience wants to get a spot in the target audience’s inbox. But spam has become such an overwhelming part of email traffic that it’s become more difficult to get past Internet Service Providers and Mailbox Providers. That’s why an email marketing strategy needs to focus on email deliverability.

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But how do you keep ISPs and MBPs happy? When do you get that “spam stamp”? And why is a strong communication strategy the basis of a superior email deliverability? Our expert, Steven Van Duyse, will walk you through the basics of email deliverability and give you a few key pointers on how to obtain that desired spot in your target audience’s inbox. In addition to that, Jan Schapmans, a Selligent expert, will show you how you can use Selligent Marketing Cloud’s tools to improve your deliverability.

In this whitepaper:

  • The sad history of spam

  • How ISPs protect your target recipient’s inbox

  • Important terminology

  • How to improve your email deliverability

  • How email deliverability is linked to a strong communication strategy

  • Selligent Marketing Cloud and deliverability

Staying vigilant is key!

Even if everything is set up perfectly and you follow all the rules, things can go wrong. Therefore, it is important to keep track of stats and take appropriate actions when important variations occur.

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