Content marketing, use the power of inbound

When it comes to conversion, nothing is more powerful than relevant content. Why? Because everyone involved benefits from it. Your organisation reaps the clicks, the views and the data - your visitors get the content they are looking for, which fully addresses their needs and interests. Taking advantage of the power of content marketing as part of the customer journey means creating inbound content that converts well. As a HubSpot Diamond Partner and SharpSpring Platinum Partner, we add marketing automation to the mix for the best possible results.

Why is content marketing so important?

In a nutshell: with strong and relevant content you engage your visitors and convert them into avid ambassadors of a strong brand. Instead of diverting (and possibly annoying) users with ads, you integrate the highly relevant content of your inbound marketing campaign into their customer journey. The more you reward visitors with valuable content, the higher the chance of conversion.

As an organization that opts for content marketing you get:

  • better conversion statistics;

  • a refreshed brand image as knowledge partner;

  • an efficient sales process with only out-of-the-box leads;

  • a smoother follow-up and remarketing of your visitors;

  • improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

  • relevant insights about your markets, sectors and target groups.

Which content marketing tools do our experts use?

Colleagues with the talent and expertise to create relevant, engaging content are the beating heart of successful inbound marketing. To make sure that killer content reaches the right target group at exactly the right moment, our content marketers rely on the latest tools and technologies.

sharpspring | iO
HubSpot | iO
Oracle | iO
Salesforce | iO
Google Marketing Platform | iO
Adobe Experience  | iO
Time to focus on engaging content and inbound marketing?

So much expertise, tools and questions – now where do you start? Don’t worry, our experts are always ready to share their knowledge. Drop by our blog: it’s your ideal starting point.


Why iO?

At iO, you get a true end-to-end partner. That means that we will take all your worries off your hands, from strategy to content and from technology to marketing.

Our experts aren’t just the best in their league at advertising & performance. They also:

  • optimize your brand and brand experience;

  • tailor your copywriting to your target audience;

  • realize seamless integrations with your existing tech stack (business systems, advertising platforms, etc.).

Clients we’ve helped with content marketing:

Axa - iO
Colruyt - iO
Bekaert - iO
Dewaele - iO
SpotIt - iO
Torfs - iO
Jobat - iO
Filou_Friends - iO
DistrictDeurne - iO
Marcassou - iO
Plantyn - iO
Alcon - iO
Boortmalt - iO
HouseOfHR - iO
Swop - iO
NowJobs - iO
Parky - iO
Merz - iO
WDP - iO
Quickstep - iO
Pergo - iO
StartItKBC - iO
McDonalds - iO
D´leteren Group - iO
Proximus - iO
MSD - iO
Janssen Pharmaceutical - iO
Nutricia - iO
Arwy - iO
Randstad - iO
Manna - iO
Essers - iO
Algeco - iO
VGP - iO
Ordina - iO
Tintelingen - iO
SchoutenNelissen - iO - iO
BouwendNL - iO
NHL - iO
ErasmusRotterdam - iO
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