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Nothing converts quite like relevant content. It increases your brand awareness, generates leads and ultimately converts prospects into customers.  

  • ️ Better conversion statistics

  • Relevant insights about the market, sector, and target group

  • Smooth follow-up and remarketing of your visitors

  • An efficient sales process with only ready-to-buy leads

  • A renewed brand image

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Skills we use to bring your content to life

At iO, we know that content is king. But everybody knows that. Where we excel, though, is using our broad range of experts to bring your content to life. Because we’ve got it all: copywriters, videographers, VFX experts, social media experts, and much, much more.

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iO Content Marketing Congress


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Every year iO organizes the "Congress content marketing & web editing". An event respected by the industry with numerous top speakers, for both content and inspiration. Watch the aftermovie here, including an interview with Steven Van Belleghem.

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What are the benefits of working with iO as your content marketing partner?

Content marketing is an inbound marketing tactic. Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy for attracting potential customers in the most natural way possible, through different channels and tactics. Think of search engine optimisation (SEO), social media or email marketing.  

Content marketing places customers at the heart of everything, helping them with their problems, questions, and needs regarding the product or the service that you provide.  

At iO, we know that every party can benefit from content marketing. Your organisation benefits from the clicks, views, and data, while your visitors benefit from valuable content. We understand the importance of creating content that converts well, because it’s this that unlocks the power of inbound marketing.  

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner and SharpSpring Platinum Partner, we can also add marketing automation for the best results. 

Our Content Marketing Clients:

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Colruyt - iO
Bekaert - iO
Torfs - iO
Jobat - iO
Filou_Friends - iO
Marcassou - iO
Plantyn - iO
HouseOfHR - iO
Quickstep - iO
McDonalds - iO
D´leteren Group - iO
Proximus - iO
MSD - iO
Janssen Pharmaceutical - iO
Nutricia - iO
Randstad - iO
Ordina - iO - iO
ErasmusRotterdam - iO
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Why is content marketing important?

In short: because with strong, relevant content you can make stronger connections with your visitors and make them into ambassadors for your brand. Instead of interrupting users with ads, you fit the content in your inbound marketing campaign neatly into their customer journey. You reward every visitor with the right content that offers added value, and thus increases your chances of conversion.

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How content marketing can help your business thrive

  • To build a successful content marketing strategy that stands out from the crowd, you need a thorough content plan and a well-balanced mix of messages, formats, and channels.

  • Your content will convert if it is based on the customer journey — let the customer journey be your guide and avoid unfocused, random communication.

  • Alternate traditional formats like text and image with emerging formats, such as games, motion graphics, VR, and AR.

  • Score in search engines by focusing on strong content and technical SEO.

  • Do not simply respond to emerging technologies — be ahead of the curve by staying up-to-date on innovations in your industry.

Bring content to your target group’s attention with targeted advertisements.

The iO content calendar

Creating content and coming up with interesting topics isn’t always easy. That is why we have listed the most important days, moments, and memories in the iO content calendar. We hope this calendar will make the work of marketers and content creators easier and stay up-to-date throughout the year.

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Content marketing is the glue between the different parts of the marketing mix, and therefore an indispensable part of any marketing strategy

Mara Van der Auwera

Mara Van der Auwera, Digital strategist

The ins and outs of content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Instead of drearily pitching your products or services, you provide truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues.

So many questions, tools, and expertise - where do you start?

Our experts share their knowledge with the world every day and our blog is a great place to start your search.

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Why iO?

At iO, you get a true end-to-end partner. That means that we will take all your worries off your hands, from strategy to content and from technology to marketing.

Our experts aren’t just the best in their league at content marketing. They also:

  • optimize your brand and brand experience;

  • tailor your copywriting to your target audience;

  • realize seamless integrations with your existing tech stack (business systems, advertising platforms, etc.).

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