The potential of 3D, VR and AR: technology creating revolutionary, visual content

How do you photograph a product that doesn’t exist (yet)? How do you showcase product features that normal cameras cannot see, like the inside of a machine? How can your brand enter the three-dimensional awareness of your customer? New, digital technology comes to mind, with potential for any brand.

  • 50+ 3D/VR/AR experts

  • Omnichannel approach

  • Next generation media know-how

  • Future product or service representation

  • Games & social media

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What can you do with 3D?

A popular application of 3D? Product configurators: three-dimensional pieces of technical art that allow you to create any product you want without needing any special know-how. Colour, material, shape, specific features and characteristics – all while we can see the product from every angle. This allows us to experience the product before it even exists. And the shopping experience? That just happens at home, in front of the screen.

Motion design often goes hand in hand with 3D technology. In an era where video and animation are the common denominators for engagement, views, clicks and interaction, video & motion graphics are powerful formats that add to any message. New technologies like 3D, VR and AR add new possibilities to tried and tested recipes.

Is your project a good fit for Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and vice versa? Because it will allow you to let users immerse themselves in your project. Interactive games, social media filters (Instagram, Snapchat) or creative billboards? 3D offers infinite opportunities and is perfect if you want to let your target audience experience your products or services – literally.

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Which apps will our experts put to use for you?

  • Modern 3D configurators to give you the perfect representation of your product or service, without all the limitations of traditional photo- and videography.

  • 3D motion design to make your product or service accessible to your target audience.

  • VR & AR technology to bring your range into your customers’ living rooms, as high-tech solutions for existing problems.

  • Today's youth is growing up with video games and VR & AR – just think of the mobile app features available, like choosing wallpaper or trying on clothes. Our game developers create captivating gaming experiences for your business.

  • The future is filtered: the presence of social media has turned social filters into a common feature. The possibilities of this feature are endless.

Let iO show you the world of 3D, VR & AR

Clients that benefit from our 3D, VR and AR expertise 

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Why iO?

When you pick iO, you go for an end-to-end partner. That means that we have years of marketing, technology, strategy and content experience.

This allows us to make an impact with 3D designs and configurators, but we will also help you::

  • Pour your brand story into moving creative campaigns;

  • Reach your target audiences on the right channels;

  • Find the right balance between emotion and ratio.

Time to find out what 3D can do for your brand?

Our experts offer you their 3D expertise to help you reach your goals.


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