Optimal data collection with a data and analytics audit

Just like a detox can do wonders for your body, it can’t hurt to regularly take a peek under the hood of all your online efforts. There’s always room for improvement, right? Your data quality may be the most important thing to keep in good shape. Data and analytics audits can do that for you.

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What to expect from iO’s data and analytics auditing

Auditing is a particular field – one our experts have mastered completely. As data analysts and marketers, they know what to look out for and how to lift your tools to the next level. Here’s a selection of the audits they offer:

Why does a regular data and analytics audit pay off?

How we handle data is changing constantly – much like the way we handle analytics, GDPR, marketing and communication. New tools, techniques, insights and regulations are showing up, helping us understand our customers, visitors and users even better. In addition to that, a regular audit can show you the latest insights on analytics tools and the way they should be used.

  • Qualitative data gives you everything you need to take important decisions in a well-thought-out way.

  • You’ll get a clear image of which data you’re collecting, where you store it and how it is used.

  • Also a part of a data audit: a GDPR check we use to find out whether your processes are aligned with the current privacy regulations.

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Clients we’ve helped with data and analytics:

BrusselsAirport - iO
JBC - iO
CKS - iO
Mayerline - iO
Bruxx - iO
Primagaz - iO
Partena professional - iO
Agoria - iO
Facilicom - iO
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Pourquoi choisir iO ?

iO est un partenaire end-to-end disposant d'une expertise à la fois vaste et approfondie. Nos experts en marketing, technologie, stratégie et contenu affichent des années d'expérience dans leurs domaines respectifs. Ils savent donc comme personne relever les défis les plus complexes.

Ainsi, nous vous aidons non seulement à bâtir une marque forte, mais aussi à :

  • Appliquer votre design de marque théorique dans la pratique, de différentes manières ;

  • Faire les bons choix technologiques pour toucher vos groupes cible ;

  • Penser stratégiquement l'avenir de votre organisation ;

  • Utiliser différents canaux pour transmettre votre message de la manière la plus authentique possible.

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