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Entopic/iO proud content partner at the Odido launch

On September 5, 2023, the Netherlands gained a telecom brand: Odido. Entopic/iO was a content partner in this secret brand operation. For five months, more than 20 content specialists worked on the old T-Mobile/Tele2 content and migration, putting web pages, manuals, text messages, SIM cards through the iO/Entopic content wash. Read about it below.

  • Content migration from 2 websites to

  • 900+ web pages rewritten and built

  • UX copy for webshops, apps and TV UI

  • All offline and online content items rewritten in Odido brand voice

  • Project management, traffic management and capacity

  • Working from an undisclosed location

Joining forces at a secret location

Entopic/iO collaborated with several agencies at a secret location, set up by the VIM Group, who took the lead for this brand transformation. The brand positioning and visual identity was in place when we moved into the secret Brand Office. With 20+ content specialists, copywriters, content managers, editors-in-chief and project management, we worked on all communications for the roll-out of the brand.

The secret nature of this project made it extra special. Total confidentiality and the exclusion of everyone outside of the Brand Office from any conversation about the project creates an immediate bond. The collaboration with all specialists at one location led to a great end product: a successful go-live of Odido on all touchpoints.

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Rewriting all T-Mobile and Tele2 content items to the Odido brand voice over just 5 short months. Including the migration of 2 websites to And all carried out from a secret location.


Entopic/iO provided a team of 20+ content specialists, content managers, project leader and final editing to get the job done on time.

About Odido

Odido wants to demonstrate that technology can be different and more humane. The original idea to launch a new brand emerged 1.5 years ago. T-Mobile was acquired by investors in 2021 and was no longer owned by its original parent company Deutsche Telekom. From that moment on, there was space to do things differently. The Odido brand was born. Odido likes to show that things can be done better, easier. So that everyone can participate and have fun doing while they do it.

Odido on laptop

From process to production

The challenge and complexity of this project was not in the content, but rather in the size and scale. The list of content items looked endless. Where do you start, what is real MVP and how many people do you need? The first month was all about setting up the process and tooling. How do you collaborate with the other agencies, how do you organise correct document management for millions of documents and a secret brand name? Once that was in place and the complete inventory of all content items was finalised, we could get started. The army of content specialists was ready, and the brand voice was primed and ready to go, and the CMS was ready to start the content migration.



web pages rewritten


content specialists participated


million customers served
Odido sim

Content for all channels

Over five months, literally every piece of content made its way through the Entopic/iO content wash. Think of copy for the new website, text messages to customers, webshops, video scripts, EDMs, the app, manuals and even the TV menu user interface. HR letters, text on the modem box and SIM cards plus packaging: literally everywhere T-Mobile or Tele2 was used. We worked side by side with design agencies and saw our copy come to life in the various content items and of course on the website. That was a party every time.

It was like a rollercoaster, we made sharp pivots, daily adjustments, kept priorities focused and celebrated every success. It was awesome, it was overwhelming but above all amazing to be able to play a role in the brand launch of the year: Odido.

Used tools

"We worked closely with Entopic/iO for the incredibly special and confidential Odido project. The copywriters quickly mastered Odido's tone of voice and used their critical eye and fluent pens. The team was very committed and flexible. And of course, they are all nice people to work with."

René Bekker

René Bekker, Senior Brand Consultant VIM Group

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