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Do you have a new website? Or are you changing your content management system behind the scenes? Then it is necessary to transfer much of your content. In other words: you need a content migration. This is usually a lot of work, but our experts have experience with it. We are there for you.

  • Help from comprehensive analysis to implementation

  • Experience with dozens of CMSs

  • Rewriting and restructuring of content

  • Automatic, manual or hybrid content migration

  • Progress and quality monitoring

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What do we do?

Our experts use internal and external tools to turn your content migration into a real success. With scripts when possible, manually when needed. These are some of the things we can help you with:

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Content migration, the right way

Every organisation is different, so every content migration requires different things. What kind of impact does this migration have on your website’s SEO score? How do you make an inventory of all your existing content? How much of the process can be automated?

That’s just a glimpse of all the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re working on a content migration. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could do some serious damage to your brand, online presence and SEO reputation.

After years of experience with online content we know one thing: content migrations don’t need to give you a headache – if you execute them correctly, that is.

What iO can do as a content migration partner?

If you want a migration done, we start with a conversation. How much work is it? What is the deadline? And which CMS is involved? After we have asked our questions, we plan for you and our content managers to get to work.

Time for your own content migration?

Our experts are happy to tackle your challenges.

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Why is content migration important?

Content migration is valuable for several reasons: 

  • Content remains available and is not lost. For example, when you implement a new website or CMS. Or when you restructure your current website. 

  • Maintaining or improving your current SEO rankings. If the content on the new website is not properly migrated, it can lead to a loss of rankings and traffic. 

  • Better user experience. For example, restructuring your website and reorganizing content can improve navigation and ease of use for visitors. It can also make information easier to access and improve the overall user experience. 

  • Unity and higher content quality. By reviewing and restructuring content, you ensure that all content is of good quality and that it fits your brand identity and message. 

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Why iO?

At iO, you get an end-to-end partner with marketing, technology, strategy, and content expertise. We use that expertise daily to help organisations turn their digital dreams into reality.

In other words: we don’t just take care of your content migration, we also help you:

  • create new content that will speak to your target audience;

  • think of surprising ways to use your existing content;

  • create a consistent user experience that’s aligned with your brand;

  • make the right technological decisions to support your growth.

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