iO launches Marketing Traineeship

12 May 2022
Antwerp, 12 May 2022 - In September, iO Campus Antwerp will start a two-year Marketing Traineeship that will immerse recently graduated marketers in the many disciplines that make up contemporary digital marketing. After the two years, the trainees will have the opportunity to continue to grow within the organisation, in their chosen specialism. With this initiative, iO is putting its credo 'infinite opportunities' in the spotlight.
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From 'young potential' to 'young professional' in 24 months

Social & content marketing, e-mail marketing & automation, data, and finally performance marketing : the playing field is becoming too big to excel as a marketer in every discipline, but this is a broad, all-around foundation.

At the end of the traineeship, the young professionals will have a better idea of the direction in which they want to grow and develop within iO.

Personalised programme

The trainees can expect a personalised training program in which team leads and mentors guide them with one-on-one coaching sessions. Anyone wishing to be part of the Marketing Traineeship should have graduated (by September) with a master or bachelor’s in marketing or communication, and most importantly, have a highly developed desire to learn and acquire knowledge. They can expect a starting salary and generous fringe benefits. Although, of course, it’s the experience itself that becomes the greatest source of wealth.

Multidisciplinary expertise

This initiative did not arise by chance in the marketing department. After all, iO campus Antwerp is the product of the integration of no less than 8 agencies. Prophets, LUON, RAAK, iValue, Mia, Snackbytes, Foreach, and Internet Architects each brought their specific expertise, giving the campus experienced experts in almost every marketing discipline.

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