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The digital world is becoming more complex by the day. Heaps of channels and touchpoints make it more difficult to manage everything efficiently, align all processes and make everything fit into a logical customer journey. Luckily, there are content & experience platforms that can help you with that – and we happen to have a lot of experience with those.

The right CMS or DXP to manage your content

As digital media and technology users, we’ve come to tolerate less and less and demand frictionless experiences across touchpoints (websites, media, apps). Technically reliable, with a dash of relatable brand experience. A great CMS is the foundation of that. A digital experience platform (DXP) offers an integrated series of different technologies in one platform.

A DXP, or even a headless CMS, is used to build websites, portals, mobile apps and other digital platforms. With a DXP, you can manage the performance layer (front end) based on the user’s role, rights and preferences. That makes combining applications easier, like content management, searching & navigating, personalisation, workflows and mobile and multichannel support.

Our digital experts rely on the latest technology to use the full potential of your CMS or (composable) DXP.

  • By relying on a modern CMS or DXP platform, you can keep finetuning the customer experience for an optimal experience.

  • Whether you need simple (campaign) websites or corporate multisite websites, our experts can support you with strategy, architecture, (independent) tooling and execution.

  • A composable DXP or headless CMS is a great example of a best-of-breed approach, that allows you to link relevant technologies instead of full-suite (which combines different marketing solutions).

  • A DXP or headless CMS is perfect for anyone in need of an omnichannel approach, allowing you to present content across channels like web, mobile, conversational, marketplace, metaverse, AR/VR etc.



CMS and DXP platforms

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The expertise of iO’s content management teams?

The classic CMS isn’t necessarily coming to an end but the impact of headless and DXP is noticeable. With these new platforms, you’ll focus on optimal digital experiences to represent your brand instead of pushing content. That means that the customer experience takes centre stage. Our experts know that. Is your brand ready to take on the challenge?

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Clients we’ve helped with content & experience platforms:

Janssen Pharmaceutical - iO
Organon - iO
MSD - iO
Ordina - iO
YER - iO
Tintelingen - iO
BouwendNL - iO
ErasmusRotterdam - iO
Enexis - iO
Akzonobel - iO
Rockfon - iO
Signify - iO

Why iO?

At iO, you can rely on an end-to-end partnership. That means that we will support you completely, from strategy to content and from technology to marketing.

Our 2000 experts don’t just make us great at the technical set-up of web platforms, but they help us:

  • Align your customer experience with your brand and brand experience;

  • Make your efforts deliver results by utilising the platform’s full potential;

  • Give you expert support and early access to beta programmes.

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