GDPR compliance with a Consent Management Platform


It’s essential that visitors to your website understand what happens to their data and which cookies the website uses. That's not just a matter of transparency and security — if you approach consent management in the right way, it also builds trust in your organisation. And that's a lot easier with the right Consent Management Platform. We are here to guide you.

  • GDPR compliant and transparent 

  • Gain user trust 

  • Integration and follow-up 

  • More than just cookie pop-ups 

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What do we do?

iO supports you in every aspect of consent management — thanks to our experienced CMP experts and our in-house Data Protection Officer.

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Our Favourite Consent Management Platforms

Our favorite CMP's

There are a lot of CMP tools available on the market, and not every option is suitable for everyone. We are going to help you separate the wheat from the chaff and recommend three great CMPs.

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Customers that already benefit from our CMP expertise


The importance of a quality Consent Management Platform

A Consent Management Platform is much more than the system that provides the mandatory cookie banner on your website.

A strong CMP is a comprehensive adtech platform that provides your organisation with transparency — both for your website visitors and for you.

On the one hand, visitors gain insight into their data and the cookies that your website uses, and they can choose not to accept certain cookies. On the other hand, you can centralise, analyse, and adjust the consent status of all users in one place if necessary.

This gives the user more confidence in your brand, so that you can focus on what really matters — in a consistent and GDPR-compliant way.

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How does iO work?

  • 1
    A listening ear

    No matter how much our experts have to say, listening to your story is their first assignment. Listening helps us to identify the best solution that matches your needs so that you can start from a data driven, strategic position. As a blended partner, we have specialists in every digital domain: all with the confidence and knowledge to support you as you introduce an effective strategy.

  • 2
    The journey begins: discover & analysis

    Are we going to work together? Then we want to get to know your organisation, your brand, your team and everything else, inside and out. We dive into your organisation’s DNA: your norms and values, but also the history, your target group and your competition. According to the brand anatomy model, we evaluate how far your brand has developed. Our analyses are sometimes harsh but also crystal clear. We're ready to go. Everything is in place so that you can reap the future benefits. Starting with a creative briefing.

  • 3
    To the drawing board: define & design

    Have we got a clear picture of the situation? Then we will map your brand clearly, including all relevant pieces of the puzzle, like your brand manifesto, visual identity, overarching concept and your tone of voice. In this phase, we breathe new life into your brand. We keep the lines short and discuss each step thoroughly together. Everything we need to design a unique trajectory, matching your wishes and needs.

  • 4
    Ready, set, go: build & implement

    New branding and/or overarching concept, in place? Then it's time to get your show on the road. In line with the agreements, frameworks and resources, we roll out the fruits of our labour to the outside world. In the form of a fully-fledged campaign (awareness) or as a work in progress (branding), for example? Not only do we build the creative assets in this phase, the content strategy, campaign planning or media mix is also on the programme. How, when and in what order? Every project is unique, as is our approach.

  • 5
    Necessary aftercare: run & optimise

    Is the delivery final and the champagne uncorked? Our experts are far from finished. In fact, they are ready to move to the next – important – phase: evaluating and optimising based on your brand awareness, content planning or first results. Regular editorial meetings and proactive advice are just a few of the methods we use to get this right.

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