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Privacy plays an important role in the digital world. Organisations need to handle customer and prospect data correctly. This is not only important to comply with legal obligations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also to build a positive company reputation. Consumers are increasingly aware of their rights, making a transparent approach to data protection essential.

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You can use a cookie banner or Consent Management Platform (CMP) to inform your website visitors about the presence of trackers and cookies. Such a tool remembers visitor preferences of the visitor and makes permissions management easy so that you can be certain that only the desired cookies are placed on the user's device.

At iO, we implement different CMPs — such as the renowned OneTrust — for organisations in every industry. OneTrust is an easy-to-use platform with tools that help you manage and monitor privacy preferences. In Forrester and IDC reports, OneTrust is cited time and again as an industry leader in data security and data management.

OneTrust functionalities

OneTrust helps you build a transparent organisation centred on trust. OneTrust's Cookie Consent component works seamlessly with the tool's other cloud-based solutions.

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A collaboration with iO is a long-term story. Our OneTrust experts are ready to turn your organisation into a reliable partner for life.

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Our strategists, technology experts, marketers and creatives are ready every day with the right legal advice to make your organisation stronger. We are here to help you:

CookiePro by OneTrust

CookiePro — officially 'CookiePro by OneTrust' — is a Consent Management Platform that is a part of OneTrust.

The main benefit of CookiePro/OneTrust is that the pricing model is not based on the number of sessions, but rather on the number of domains.

For this reason, CookiePro is an excellent choice for both local organisations and robust multinationals.

Other CMP's worth checking out

Our favorite CMP's

There are a lot of CMP tools available on the market, and not every option is suitable for everyone. We are going to help you separate the wheat from the chaff and recommend three great CMPs.

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