Organising and managing effective digital marketing projects

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How do I onboard a new brand? How do I launch 35 products this year (under embargo) and present it to consumers across all channels? Or how do I organise content migration if I switch technologies?

Naturally, instigating change in your organisation is great. But organisational change can only pay off if you can manage and implement the projects and the policies that result from it. We help you achieve noticeable results, by connecting marketing, IT, and business.

  • Set up, manage, and implement effective digital changes 

  • Multidisciplinary teams 

  • Project managers with professional expertise, based on operational work experience 

  • Domain, technology, and platform independent 

  • Connection between central and local level 

  • Bridge builders between marketing, business, and IT 

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A goal-oriented approach for tangible results

Implementing digital change can have a big impact on teams throughout your organisation. And that is why a goal-oriented approach is crucial to achieving tangible results. We work with stakeholders across your organisation, to identify the most sustainable design to help solve your issue. Our project managers have professional and operational experience. They take care of the management, coordination, and execution of the entire project, while taking People, Process, Information and Technology (PPIT) into account of course. 

The benefits? These differ for every issue. This might be efficiency and cost savings. For example, when you maintain your digital touchpoints at a central level, including branding, legal and UX. Or, for example, you might be looking for flexibility and a faster time-to-market, supporting local marketers to produce content faster through the designation of clear roles, responsibilities, and content packages. Another advantage is, unburdening your local teams, by setting up central support. 

A tailor-made approach for every digital change

Curious about concrete examples of how we set up and manage projects? We will show you five impactful changes to demonstrate the benefits in practice. 

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The bridge between business and IT

For these impactful changes to succeed, you need connection. Bridging the gap between different teams, such as central and decentralised or business and IT, is one of the most important parts. Together with the stakeholders in your business, we develop an integrated approach, in which we bring your business objectives together with marketing and technology. Is the approach in place? Great, then we can put it into practice. Because that is typical iO: we help companies from strategy to daily (global) operations.

  • 1

    A step that is often skipped, but as far as we are concerned is crucial. Even if it's a small question. With a diagnosis we clarify your question and goals. This makes it clear to everyone where we want to go. Depending on the complexity of your question, we can make a quick diagnosis, or it can be a longer stand alone phase.

  • 2

    If the goal is in sight, the question is how we get there. Based on your information and our experience in similar cases, we will give you carefully considered advice. We never start from nothing. What are the benefits for you? Speed and customisation at the same time.

  • 3

    We create the optimal conditions in your business across the axes of people, process, information, and technology to make the solution land well.

  • 4

    Time for action: we set things in motion in your context and ensure that you can achieve your business results.

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