Mobility will change more the coming decade than it did the last century


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How to accelerate the shift towards smart and future-proof mobility?

How will car sales transform? Will we still own cars in ten years? Or will newer generations opt for renting, sharing or simply choose more attractive alternatives? Now is the time for car manufacturers and mobility partners to rethink their business model and move towards a future that’s more sustainable, profitable and client-oriented. In the iO paper Automotive & Mobility we explore the possible pitfalls and opportunities. Discover how the power of digitisation and original thinking can help you to accelerate, innovate and grow in the rapidly evolving field of Automotive and Mobility.

Want to shift towards smart and future-proof mobility and capture the infinite opportunities in this industry?

Read all about it in the iO paper Automotive & Mobility.

In this paper:

  • Insights & solutions

  • Case experience

  • 4 pillars that you can build on

  • iO as your partner along this journey

D´leteren Group - iO
ALDAutomotive - iO
BMW | iO
Leaseplan | iO
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