A well-oiled webshop for a one stop shop distribution company

For customers in the B2B sector, there is nothing more convenient than a one stop shop. To become one, your digital presence has to be up to date. An intuitive webshop with relevant information for their clients, that was what Pacauto asked of us. And so, we built it. Successfully. Curious to know more?
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Become a one stop shop in B2B


Intuitive and accessible webshop

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One of the biggest challenges in B2B is maintaining good relationships with your customers. And those customers often want as few suppliers as possible. That’s why Pacauto, a distribution company in the heart of the Kempen, wants to position itself as a one-stop shop.

To achieve that, Pacauto wants to go digital. Viktor Claes, head of sales, says that they consider it important to keep up with the current zeitgeist. After all, the younger generation needs a digital environment that is sufficiently informative.

With the help of iO, Pacauto is making its way in the digital world. The new webshop enables them to meet the rising expectations of (younger) customers. Even in the old-fashioned automotive sector.

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About Pacauto

Pacauto is a distribution company in the B2B sector. They have been selling supplies for cars, trucks and tractors for more than 50 years.

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An intuitive platform with Shopware

For the new webshop, we chose Shopware—a high-quality e-commerce software. Shopware is perfect for Pacauto; the platform allows for an intuitive, flexible and user-friendly webshop. Moreover, it is stable and causes few problems.

As a Shopware Gold Partner, iO knows Shopware's capabilities like the back of its hand. Wondering what we can do for you?

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Custom development: a tailor-made webshop

When it comes to anything digital, Pacauto jokingly calls itself illiterate: they know virtually nothing about it. What they did know was that the previous webshop had many limitations. In terms of marketing campaigns and communication, the possibilities were limited. Pacauto counted on iO's in-house knowledge for a new webshop.

The result? A webshop in Shopware, extended with custom development for integrations. The big advantage for Pacauto was a decoupling from the ERP package. Because we integrated the current ERP package into the new webshop, Pacauto doesn’t need to change packages. But of course, custom-developed integrations also contribute to improved processes, both internally and for the customer.

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Smooth results: optimized processes and satisfied customers

With the new webshop, we’re making things a lot easier for Pacauto's customers. Among other things, they can now view stock indications, estimates of restocking time and price lists. That’s how we contribute to the one-stop-shop vision Pacauto envisages.

Pacauto notices the impact of our efforts too. They save time thanks to the automation of orders and streamlined handling of returns and error messages. Internal processes run smoothly and employees are happy with the new web shop. A real win-win situation? We think so.

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Whether Pacauto was happy working with iO? Absolutely. But who are we to speak for them? Find out for yourself in the testimonial.

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Customer story: a B2B webshop for Pacauto

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