A strong creative concept is always a good idea

14 January 2022

There is no Coca-Cola without Happiness. A creative concept that coincides with the values of your brand and responds to the needs of your target group and distinguishes you from the competition. A clear and recognisable creative concept is not only the foundation for successful campaigns but is also the foundation for successful digital products and services. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what a strong creative concept means for your brand.

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A creative concept is an overarching idea that ensures recognisability and bonding. It is a coat rack on which you can hang all your communication. The creative concept must be sufficiently versatile, so that you can continue to develop new ideas under it. It is scalable and transcends both budgets and media channels. It forms your core story for all communication about your brand and helps to identify your brand to your target audience so that they can understand what you stand for and what you have to offer. While a creative idea can also just be an entertaining moment or a temporary distraction, a good concept will last for years. A strong creative concept is, therefore, always a good idea, but a good idea is not always a strong creative concept.

How do you know if a creative concept is good?

A creative concept helps you to tell a distinctive and authentic story across all channels. If you can tick off the following five dots in good conscience, you may have a sound concept:

1. The concept touches your target group

Of course, it’s nice if people find your brand through a Google Ads campaign, a search or through social media, but how do you ensure that they also develop a connection with your brand and in the next phase perhaps proceed to action? Gain insight into your target group and focus on your similarities. What drives your target group? Why is someone looking for your brand? By getting to know your target group, you will discover how to connect with them.

2. The concept captures your brand essence

What is the precise added value of your brand? What unique quality of your service or product makes the life of your target group better, more beautiful or easier? Translate the essence of your brand story into an authentic, clear creative concept. Airbnb entered a market in 2013 that was dominated by Booking.com and TripAdvisor. With the concept of 'Being at home anywhere', they promised that you can feel at home anywhere and transformed the entire travel industry. Every brand can come up with a concept like this: look for your unique brand value.

3. The concept delivers your message

What is your proposition, your mission, your vision? What is the message that you want to deliver? A creative concept demonstrates the effect of your message, offers comparisons, showcases the benefits of your brand, or connects emotions to your brand. For example, you may associate Dove with women who feel good about themselves.

4. The concept guides your brand

A sound creative concept unites the essence of your brand, brand identity, tone of voice and design language. Your texts, images, layout, icons, conversion buttons: all have to fit comfortably with your concept. Is the focus on services, e-commerce, or activation? What story do we tell on the 'about us’ page? What is the structure of the homepage? For all these questions, your creative concept offers a foothold. Is it in line with your story? Does it help you to achieve your goal?

5. The concept broadens your target group

A truly creative concept not only understands and touches your target group, but it also has the capacity to surprise them. In terms of message, wording and aesthetics, it should have just that little bit more or be slightly unpredictable. Your target group has to pay your brand attention, maybe more than once. It should not be too obvious.

Sustainable commitment

A good creative concept helps you to tell a unified, consistent story across all platforms. It’s a touchstone for all your campaigns and commercials, your content strategy and your social media strategy. The message, words and imagery of your creative concept strike a chord with your target group. It reflects what sets your brand apart from the competition. It forms the bridge between your organisation and the desires of your (future) customers. To connect your brand with your target group in an impactful and sustainable way, a strong creative concept is indispensable.

Whitepaper: Emotion and creativity in communication

The hunt for the creative spark is on. Build a lasting relationship with your target audience with a deep, emotional connection. Our experts will help you on your way.

Sander Antwerpen | iO

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