Chasing the spark: emotion and creativity in communication

Sander Antwerpen | iO

When was the last time you felt truly touched by an advertisement? Pure, raw creativity in the streets, in a magazine, or a heartwarming commercial. In short: a (rare) moment when a brand boldly entered your comfort zone through emotion. Sounds familiar?

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That’s what we could call ‘the spark’ - that one moment in which you - as a critical consumer - feel the connection with a brand. Every day, thousands of campaigns aim to make such a lasting impact. Such a profound, emotional connection draws strength from (self-)knowledge, insight into the target group, creativity and the right, professional execution.

In this whitepaper:

  • ‘The spark’ explained

  • How emotions give colour to experiences

  • Creativity as main ingredient

  • The spark by iO: our inspiring cases

Know yourself, know your customer

Fleeting, quick ideas rarely suffice to create emotional impact. Our own recipe for emotional success? Sufficient (brand) knowledge, a creative team, a rock-solid concept and professional execution. The 'spark' is a powerful thing, a unique element that transcends advertising and that you can use to appeal to your target group on a higher level. When will yours light?

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