Integrate your online shop with Amazon and eBay thanks to Shopware

8 August 2022

Have you heard of Shopware Markets yet? This plug-in synchronises the Amazon and eBay marketplace with your Shopware webshop. It integrates both product data and order processes, completely automating these two important aspects. You can manage and process everything within your Shopware system.

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Maybe the most important question: why would you want to integrate with Amazon and eBay? New webshops often struggle to draw in visitors. By collaborating with large marketplaces, visitors automatically find the products that you offer. In addition to that, 21.8% of all webshops get over 20% of their turnover from collaborations with larger platforms.

More importantly, a great deal of consumers go straight to market places when they’re looking for a product. Not everyone uses Google as a starting point. Not to mention the international appeal of these large market places. You get out-of-the-box support for all Amazon shops!

But there are, of course, disadvantages to an integration like that. It’s possible that one of your competitors is selling the same product through the same marketplace at a lower price. But the advantages usually significantly outweigh the disadvantages.

Everything in one place

There are multiple strong content and e-commerce platforms, but Shopware 6 unites content and e-commerce in a very user-friendly way. The Shopware Markets plug-in allows you to manage everything – from product data, incoming orders and sending shipping notifications to any error messages – within the administration of your Shopware webshop. Orders from marketplaces enter your system the same way that orders from your webshop do. You can also process them in the same way.

You decide how and what to sell

Set up your own mapping to translate your Shopware data to marketplaces and vice versa perfectly. By using the separate sales channels for marketplaces, it’s possible to offer only a part of your product catalogue. This way, your webshop stays unique.

Connect to

Shopware Markets doesn’t connect your webshop to all marketplaces, though. Moving to, for instance, is not an option. You can use Channable for this purpose, something our experts would be happy to help you with. Feel free to contact us.

The e-commerce kick-start guide

E-commerce is moving at warp speed. New e-commerce trends and technologies can be quite the challenge. In this white paper, you can learn more about the e-commerce landscape and how to set up a strong online strategy from start to finish.

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In conclusion

It takes a lot to start selling your products on external marketplaces, but Shopware Markets makes your job easier. Your Shopware 6 webshop is perfect to connect to marketplaces. Thanks to the sales channel feature, you can provide different platforms with master data.

Increase your webshop’s range

Integrating your existing or new webshop with the most popular marketplaces? As an official Shopware Gold Partner, we’ve been helping organisations like yours face their e-commerce challenges for years. Our specialists would be happy to help you.

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