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In a world where customers are finding their products online at an increasing rate, it’s impossible to ignore e-commerce. Moreover, we’ve become so demanding that businesses need to be able to continuously evolve and improve the user experience. But not every system is equipped to grow along with you in a world that moves at warp speed. Shopware 6 is.

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A powerful and user-friendly e-commerce platform that allows you to manage both content and commercial data, that’s what Shopware 6 is. In this whitepaper, we’ll tell you how to choose a shopping system that fits your business goals, how the latest Shopware edition works and how Shopware performs compared to its most important competitors.

In this white paper:

  • How to choose the right shopping system

  • The power of Shopware 6

  • E-commerce on social media

  • Amazon and eBay integrations

  • Shopware vs. the most important competitors

Beating the competition – it’s possible

Shopware will help you offer a personalised, unique experience to your (potential) customers and allows you to target the B2B market thanks to the Shopping Experience and Rule Builder. Grow as the industry does and offer a solution to the complex demands of your customers.

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