7 reasons you should choose Shopware 6 for e-commerce

28 March 2022

Shopware 6 is a powerful and user-friendly e-commerce platform, where you can easily manage both your content and your commercial data. In this blog post, our Shopware expert Rune shares 7 reasons why he is so excited about the latest version of Shopware.

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There are many good content and e-commerce platforms, but Shopware 6 unites content and e-commerce in a very user-friendly way. That in itself is a perfect reason to consider Shopware 6 for your webshop, but there are many more. Today, I will highlight 7 reasons you should choose Shopware 6.

1. Future-proof innovation

One of the most important and significant changes to Shopware 6 is that it is not an iteration of previous Shopware versions. While Shopware 5 was an extension of the original code from 20 years ago, Shopware 6 is built on popular, stable, and modern technologies as the foundation for the platform.

2. Backend designed for modern purposes

Shopware 6 is built API-first, which means that you can edit or manage all elements of the platform using API. External systems integrate easily with Shopware 6. This makes the platform a perfect core for Headless Commerce. Selling via marketplaces, Instagram, Facebook, or Google Shopping? No problem for Shopware 6.

3. WYSIWYG Business rules

The era of needing a developer to build specific business logic into a website is over. In Shopware 6 you can build it yourself using the Rule Builder. You can offer different shipping methods for different countries or customer groups, free shipping on the first Sunday of the month or a 10 percent discount on a full moon, the choice is yours.

4. Easy international selling

Opening your e-commerce to the international market is much more than adding translations to your website. Shopware 6 is built with a broad international view in mind and offers support for translations of every piece of text (from administration), sales with different currencies, extensive VAT rules per country, different payment methods, and more. In other words, Shopware 6 makes it easy to do what you do best; international web sales.

5. Content + Commerce = 💙

A seperate website for content and a separate webshop is a thing of the past. Shopping Experiences signals the dawning of a new era for e-commerce. Shopware 6 is a complete CMS and a platform for webshops. Shopware 6 combines the possibilities of Shopware 5 into Shopping Experiences.

With Shopping Experiences in Shopware 6, you can customise almost every page on your webshop with a block system. The homepage, landing pages, product pages, other content and category pages ... Nothing is too complex to set up yourself. The CMS allows you to build all pages according to the style of your brand.

Flow Builder in Shopware 6 means you can set up all the business processes you need to make your webshop work effectively from one central location without technical knowledge. This saves you time and helps you maintain an overview of all your online activities, without having to write a line of code.

6. B2B sales are also perfectly feasible

The B2B Suite, available with a Shopware 6 Enterprise licence, contains various functionalities to optimise your webshop for online B2B sales. Customers get access to a business dashboard instead of a My Account page. Here, they can manage their company account, give different accounts rights to buy on invoice, save order lists, and order quickly with a csv import.

7. Shopware 6 never stands still

A look at the Shopware roadmap makes one thing very clear: Shopware 6 does not stand still. People are working to improve Shopware 6 every day. In addition to Shopware 6 developers, there is also a large community working open-source on the core. As Shopware 6 Gold Partner, iO have also made various contributions.

Make the switch to Shopware 6

Do you also want to shift your online sales up a gear? If you have any questions about Shopware 6 and e-commerce solutions drop by an iO campus near you. Our e-commerce experts will be happy to talk you through what you need to do to upgrade to Shopware 6.

How about a bigger digital presence?

Gone are the days when a website was enough for a proper, digital presence. Our experts happily assist in bringing about a digital ecosystem - optimized and on-brand - fit to serve your business goals.

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Rune Laenen | iO
About the author
Rune Laenen
PHP Developer & Shopware Expert - iO

With a strong interest in modern e-commerce solutions, PHP Developer Rune feels right at home around Shopware 6. As a Shopware Expert, he’s an active participant in building the platform’s future with a plugin or two– and by applying and sharing this knowledge of e-commerce, marketplaces, webshops and much, much more.

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