The power of branded podcasts recognised with four Lovie Awards for iO  

14 November 2023
iO achieved four Lovie Award wins with its branded podcast, proving its exceptional contribution to digital storytelling. 
De verdwenen SS'er podcast

The branded podcast 'The Missing SS Commander' , produced by blended agency iO for Kamp Amersfoort, has won four Lovie Awards. The Lovie Awards are the most prestigious European award, celebrating internet excellence. This brings the total number of award nominations for the podcast this year to 16, 9 of which are already in the iO award cabinet.

From top charts to award shows: the success story of 'The Vanished SS'  

In addition to the various award awards, 'The Missing SS Commander' has reached the top of several charts. iO has demonstrated that branded podcasts offer companies and organisations a unique way to reach their target audience and set themselves apart from the competition by creating engaging and impactful content.  

The Netherlands' Best Branded Podcast Sheds Light on Mysterious Disappearance 

'The Missing SS Commander' is an intriguing podcast that examines the mysterious disappearance of a camp commander from Camp Amersfoort after World War II. The podcast has been recognised not only for its excellent storytelling but also for its effectiveness. It has already been listened to more than 1.2 million times, resulting in a 30% increase in museum visits to Camp Amersfoort National Monument.   

Jordy Hubers , Podcast Creative at iO  

"As makers, our starting point was the same as always: we wanted to tell a strong, exciting story. A podcast that combines entertainment and education. With healthy listening figures, which have already gone over the one million mark, we have succeeded in introducing a wider audience to National Monument Camp Amersfoort."  

iO's success with 'The Missing SS Commander' shows that branded podcasts offer brands and organisations the opportunity to reach their target audience uniquely, telling unique and honest stories, following exciting quests, or sharing relevant knowledge; a podcast can amplify a brand and its message in a way that no other medium can. 

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