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Digital marketplaces can help you grow your offering’s user base and increase visibility, performance and revenue. Whether you’re just starting your marketplace adventure, or looking for expertise along the way, our end-to-end service takes care of your marketplace strategy - and its execution.

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For all your competition knows, marketplace marketing is still a fresh, new branch of marketing. At iO, we have the experts with us who’ve been perfecting their marketplace expertise for a while now. They assist your business case with the proper words, practices, strategy, and advertisements – as well as much, much more.

Clients that benefit from our marketplaces expertise 

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During the iO Amsterdam Update on Tuesday 13 September, we zoomed in on three crucial elements, which together play a decisive role in the success of the fast-growing phenomenon of marketplaces: strategy, technology and talent.

Marketplaces -  moderne marketing met impact én een sterke ROI

Marketplaces: modern marketing with impact and a strong ROI

Both well-known marketplaces (Amazon, and niche variants (ManoMano) have a lot to offer your company. And yes, avoiding them can cause harm as they often make up the very centre of most browsing behaviour today. But, by taking a targeted approach that goes far beyond simply adding your product and instead integrating true marketplace marketing, you can make marketplaces the most efficient channels available.

Waarom zijn e-commerce & marketplaces belangrijk?

Why are e-commerce & marketplaces important?

E-commerce has, unsurprisingly, exploded over the last couple of years. By selling online, you can increase your revenue, personalise your customer experience and even improve your brand recognition.

With e-commerce or marketplaces, your online shop is always open, you are not reliant on a location and you can save on costs compared to physical shops. Benefits galore.

Marketplaces - iO

Digital marketplaces: here to stay

Digital marketplaces have become pillars of online shopping. Consumers rely on them for product research, comparing prices, and buying the products they need or want. Ensuring they work for your business means making for brand consistency and truly understanding their inner workings. We’re confident that their power will only keep on growing, seeing the rise of new marketplaces (Leenbakker, Mediamarkt and Decathlon) and the increasing focus on marketplace media and advertising opportunities.

Advertentiemogelijkheden op marketplaces

Advertising opportunities on marketplaces

Modern marketplaces, like other digital channels, rely on an impressive system of algorithms, targeted ads and strategic building blocks to discover and apply. Go ahead and trust our advertising and product promotion experts, as well as their experience and know-how when it comes to promotion on marketplaces.  

In recognition of our work, knowledge and dedication, we have received prestigious partner labels from several marketplaces: such as (Gold partner), Amazon ads, ChannelEngine, Channable & EffectConnect. 

Dossier: Marketplaces

You’ll find everything on Marketplaces and the benefits of adding an online marketplace to your e-commerce strategy in this dossier.

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