Cloud and infrastructure: The right high-performance environment for data and tech

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Modern digital solutions are quick, safe, sturdy and scalable. Classic hosting, or a public, private or hybrid cloud? You’re getting a series of benefits – and new integrations, a fast deployment, monitoring and enough uptime.

Future-proof technology in and outside of the Cloud

The newest state-of-the-art technology doesn’t need to be accompanied by pricey updates that create operational challenges for your organisation. With Cloud-based technology, you can optimise operational costs, up or downscale flexibly and utilise the benefits of cloud infrastructure. But even with ‘traditional hosting’, you can focus on innovation and a boost in company growth.

  • Rely on a team of specialised website engineers for ‘classic’ hosting, from set-up to configuration and monitoring. From simple storage to high-performance hosting for high-traffic websites and even reliable, secure private clouds for business-critical applications.

  • IT issues and downtime are huge challenges in the digital age. A managed services model expands your capacity with technical experts and ensures constant online activity, as well as IT training and 24/7 support.

  • With the Cloud, you rely on a large server network in highly secure data centres, where the total capacity is part of your potential. As your organisation grows, that also applies to your applications. No pricey upgrades that only fit your needs with time.

  • The quickest road to technical innovation runs through the Cloud. For instance, you can play into big data’s potential, better understand the customer journey and even integrate AI with cloud-native technology. Storage maintenance and supply chain management, too, can be optimised with cloud tech.

Ready to move to the Cloud and find expert support?

Whichever type of hosting or cloud you choose, iO’s experts are experienced in matching the right cloud formula to organisations with a future in the cloud. That’s why iO is the proud partner of several cloud providers and our experts know the features of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Combell like the back of their hands.

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