Single Sign On for students and teachers

One login for digital teaching materials of more than 1.6 million primary school students in the Netherlands. That is the goal of seven cooperating publishers within Stichting Basispoort. With a simple, uniform log-in procedure, Stichting Basispoort wanted to improve the accessibility of online teaching programs. Therefore, we developed a Single Sign On solution that gives all teachers and pupils in primary education easy access to their personal set of digital teaching materials.
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Stichting Basispoort


Improving the accessibility of online teaching programs of primary education


Single Sign On

One log-in for 1,6 million users

Basispoort was first used at the start of the 2013-2014 academic year. The system is running smoothly at nearly 8,000 Dutch elementary schools and has around 1.6 million users. The portal gives both teachers and students online access to digital educational materials provided by all associated publishers. Every student or teacher can only access their own specific learning or teaching tools.

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Red Hat JBoss and Single Sign On

Using Red Hat’s JBoss technology, iO developed Single-Sign-On connections with four publishers and dozens of school systems and set up a centralised 'Identity Provider' or IDP. Dick Lans, Red Hat’s regional director, Benelux: “With the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, the Basispoort Foundation has access to a future-proof platform that offers all the flexibility they need.”

The architecture is exceptionally suited for heavy production loads and ties in with other aspects of the architecture, e.g. web services with the licencing offices that manage publisher licences for the schools.

"This uniform login procedure improves usability and reduces management tasks for schools. In short: a massive improvement all around."

Paul Gillijns

Paul Gillijns , Chairman, Stichting Basispoort

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Advantage of SAML Single Sign On

iO used the open SAML standard for the implementation of Basispoort, which makes it easy to connect other publishers and school systems as well. This allows these organisations to join the 1.6 million daily logins that are possible with this platform.

This uniform login procedure for all digital educational material eliminates the need for a multitude of different login methods, improves usability, reduces preparation times and reduces management tasks for the schools.