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We often say that change is the only certainty. And that is especially true in the rapidly innovating digital world. Guiding your organisation through changes in a structured way is necessary to ensure that you achieve the intended business results. That is exactly what we do with capability building: paying attention to people, processes, information, and technology. We guide teams throughout your organisation through successful digital change.

  • Structured approach and best practices 

  • A tailor-made solution for your organisation 

  • Domain, technology, and platform independent 

  • Sustainable growth 

  • Higher adoption in the organisation 

  • Improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) 

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What is capability building?

Capability building is devising strategies, designing projects and programmes, making policy, organising teams, processes, collaborations, and change management. Our experts help your organisation accelerate learning and agility in a rapidly changing world.


People, process, information, and technology

Sustainable change and organisational change and innovation can only be achieved across the axes of PPIT: people, process, information, and technology. Four equal pillars. Great technology only works if all employees can use it, if your processes are set up for it and if you have all your information in order. The following rule of thumb applies: the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. And that determines an organisation's ability to perform an activity that results in worthwhile outcomes. That’s why we always approach your issue from these four angles and reinforce all pillars.

Examples of digital issues

What kind of issues concern you? We can help you in the field of vision, selection, direction, and realisation: 

  • Vision 
    How can I present my vision of digital transformation to our management in the short term? And how do I position this within my organisation? 

  • Selection 
    How do I select a suitable technology or implementation partner? And how do I prepare a RFP for this?   

  • Production 
    How do I ask the right questions to, for example, my technology supplier or implementation partner? Or how do I align my SLA with expectations in the digital ecosystem?  

  • Realisation 
    How can I build, organise, and activate the digital capability of my organisation operationally? How can my team implement a newly purchased technology? Or how can I start supporting a new sales channel? 

Your current situation is our starting point

Using the issues described above you can see that we do not expect to start with a green field. We adapt quickly when you need us. Whether that is at the first stop, halfway or just before the end station.

Unique combination with digital activation and deployment & adoption

We can help in these different situations, because iO is one of the few companies in the Benelux that specialises in both capability building (change) and digital activation (run). The interaction between run and change is worth its weight in gold. We use the insights that we’ve gained in practice to guide change processes effectively.

Capability building is also inextricably linked to the deployment & adoption of central and decentralised teams in your organisation. We don’t just build capability with you, we build with all stakeholders, and ensure that the new way of working is widely supported in your organisation. The sooner we start doing that, the softer the landing.

Specialists in thoughts and deeds

How do we get started with your digital issue? Together with the stakeholders in your business, we develop an integrated approach. We bring your business objectives together with marketing and technology. Is the approach in place? Great, then we can put it into practice. Because that is typical iO: we help companies from strategic and tactical level, to daily (global) operations.

  • 1
    Step 1: Diagnose

    A step that is often skipped but is crucial as far as we are concerned. Even if it's a small question. With a clear diagnosis we clarify your question and goals, so it is clear to everyone where we want to go. Depending on the complexity of your question, we can quickly diagnose if it should be a longer stand-alone phase.

  • 2
    Step 2: Advice

    If the goal is in sight, the question is how we get there. Based on your information and our experience in similar cases, we will give you carefully considered advice. We never start with a completely blank page. What are the benefits of this method? Speed and customisation at the same time.

  • 3
    Step 3: Provisioning

    We create the optimal conditions in your business across the axes of people, process, information, and technology to make the solution land well.

  • 4
    Step 4: Run

    Time for action: we set things in motion in your context and ensure that your business results are achieved.

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