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You stimulate the imagination, attract attention, and have time to really tell your story while accessing an audience that no other medium can reach at that moment. A white paper during a drive? A presentation while you ride your bike? Not very likely. That's the power of podcasts. Ready or not, this is also true for brands.

A strong branded podcast starts with finding the most inspiring stories, selecting the right format, and choosing the most convenient release frequency. iO is here to help you with all of that.

  • Scripting

  • Researching

  • Editing

  • Hosting

  • Distribution

  • Promotion

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Whitepaper: Discover the power of branded podcasts

Learn more about creating a successful branded podcast in this whitepaper, and discover inspiring examples from the market.

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A podcast strategy that fits your brand

We believe in the podcast format because it is a proven format that we know works. It offers focus, ensures recognisability among the target group, and offers room for creativity and entertainment. In addition, you can easily embed branded podcasts into your brand and content strategy.

Together we develop a strategy that suits your brand. We do this based on the A-B-C-D model, so that we develop a thorough and creative podcast concept. With that strategy, the real work can begin creating the podcast.

  1. The A of Audio Domain
    Where are the opportunities? Where can you score? What is your distinctiveness? The strategic basis of your podcast starts with determining your domain, your target group, the objectives, a competitive analysis and how your audio expressions fit within your brand story.

  2. The B of Branded Podcast Story
    What's your story? What do you want to say? What is your target group waiting for? What is needed? Questions that require answers before we consider form and content.

  3. The C of Creative Translation

    In other words: the content. The strategy and your story developed into creative podcast series. Everything is possible in podcasts: an in-depth interview in the studio, a report in search of answers or a game wrapped in audio. There is something to be said for every form if the goal is achieved.

  4. The D of Distribution & Promotion

    Which channels will we use to reach our target group? Branded podcasts call for a distribution plan. Does it have news value? Can we drive campaigns via social media? Or do you have your own channels such as newsletters that you can use?

A high quality branded podcast.


NOS news broadcast about the podcast

iO and Nationaal Monument Kamp Amersfoort created an eight-part podcast: The Missing SS Officer. A poignant audio story that has been listened to almost a million times.

Radio & podcast recording

Audio on demand has potential, especially for brands

The branded audio content market is a growing market, but unlike branded TV content, it’s not the media operators that are in the lead now, it’s the brands. Brands determine the form and content of their podcasts, and can thus build their brand, without being dependent on others.

We believe in the branded podcast format because it’s proven, and it works. It gives focus, provides your brand with recognition from your target group and makes space for creativity and entertainment. You can also easily embed formatted branded podcasts into your brand and content strategy. So we unburden you in all areas of making a podcast: scripting, researching, editing, hosting, distribution and promotion.

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Why work with iO?

  • iO is an expert in the fields of content marketing and building brands. Specialists who understand the big picture. They know what brands want and know how to reach your target group.

  • We work with brands. A lot of podcast creators are good at content but aren’t good at developing content that fits in with their brand and brand strategy.

  • We provide strategies that embed the podcast in your brand’s complete (content) marketing story. A podcast never stands alone.

  • We provide consistency of design. A podcast is more than just an audio product, it’s available in numerous environments, so the title, the design, the brand link is crucial.

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