Podcast: War Wound from Nationaal Monument Kamp Amersfoort

War Wound is an audio story about the doctors' resistance called 'Medisch Contact' during World War II in the Netherlands. Throughout World War II, doctors sought to resist Nazi ideology and rules. Medisch Contact is the name of the resistance movement of a nearly full-fledged professional group, which the occupying forces ultimately never got a grip on — despite imprisonment of nearly 300 doctors mainly in Kamp Amersfoort. How could that resistance be so effective? 

In this podcast 

In this podcast, we talk to several experts. Floris van Dijk, Head of Research at Nationaal Monument Kamp Amersfoort — and known from the podcast De Verdwenen SS'er — is featured frequently, of course. He has also written a book about the doctors' resistance together with Cees Rodenburg, former internist and volunteer at Kamp Amersfoort. Also appearing as experts in their fields are Eddy Houwaart (emeritus professor of medical history), Erik Thys (author of the book 'Psychogenocide', among others), Hannah van den Ende (medic and author of 'Vergeet niet dat je arts bent'), and Heiko Roelfsema (psychotherapist).  

But we also talk to relatives of members of Medisch Contact, such as the camp doctor's grandson Nicolaas-John van Nieuwenhuysen. He recently contributed to a book about his grandfather, who received a 20-year prison sentence after the war for his crimes in the camp. After all these years, is there still a war wound among the next of kin? 

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