UX & usability research: match your platform to your user

It may sound like the most essential truth in the industry, but many organisations seem to forget: a platform customised to the end-user is more effective. To find out what your users need, you can rely on UX & usability research — and our experts are happy to help.

Why does UX & usability research matter?

UX & usability research provides insight into your user. What are they looking for? What matters to them? How does your product or service provide an answer to their questions?

A common misconception is that research like this is only useful in the first phase of product development. But that couldn’t be further from the truth: the best moment to get started with UX & usability research is right now.

Although the impact of UX & usability research is generally larger in the first stages than later on in the process, the insights it gives you are always useful – whether you’re just getting started or have already made a name for yourself in your industry. There’s always room for improvement.

What do we do?

Our experts would be happy to help you with UX & usability research. This is how they will make your life easier:

Clients we’ve helped with UX & usability research:

KPN - iO
YER - iO
LandalGreenparks - iO
Vattenfall - iO
Enexis - iO
LTO - iO
Getting started with UX & usability?

Our experts will guide you to a website or app that excites users.


Why iO?

iO is a true end-to-end partner. We are experts in strategy, content, technology, and marketing – hundreds of wizards in their respective fields who use their experience to help organisations like yours grow digitally.

That means we don’t just have everything to help you with UX & usability research. We will also help you:

  • Create a consistent brand experience on your website, app, or platform;

  • Tweak the technical side of things until its perfect;

  • Use relevant insights to reach your target audience in an even better way;

  • Solve all your digital problems and challenges.

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