Video content in your marketing mix: the definitive guide

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Spoiler alert: video is at home in your marketing mix,ideally with its own unique approach – video marketing. Video stands out, you can do a lot with it and the information it carries sticks better. It doesn’t just grab your target group’s attention, it also has an inherent credibility. For these reasons and more, video offers endless possibilities and should be more than 'just' an element in your content marketing strategy.

Download the whitepaper

Now, which types of videos best suit your goals? Which (social) media and digital channels can really fuel your visual ambitions and which tips and strategies can guide you all the way home? This whitepaper can serve as a definitive guide for successful video content in an even more successful marketing mix. Ready, set, action?

In this whitepaper you will find out more about :

  • The value of research

  • A checklist for each video

  • What type of video offers which benefits?

  • Video formats for B2B & B2C

Stick to your strategy, tailored to business and medium alike

Video marketing needs a professional approach if you aim for visual success. In fact, as we advocate in this whitepaper, everyone making videos simply for the sake of making them will notice very little when it's time to measure ROI - merely engaging in an expensive visual hobby. But if you prepare, shoot and launch each shot with respect to your strategy, the capabilities of your channel, your marketing mix and even your own organisation? Prepare to receive a rewarding marketing medium in return. Our experts will happily assist you throughout this adventure.

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